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Mary Guzik: Clinician

Mary Guzik LCPCMeet Mary

Mary Guzik's day as a clinician at our Lancaster Street office consists primarily of one hour or half hour counseling sessions. When she’s not providing one-on-one counseling she can be found leading client processing groups. Using this variety of treatment methods, she is able to provide the best care for the individual needs of her clients.

Mary’s half hour sessions and client groups are part of a transition to incorporate newer with more traditional methods of care that has begun at Maine Behavioral Healthcare. Mary, and her fellow clinicians, provide clients with care that better matches their level of need, instead of enforcing a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Mary is particularly excited about the addition of processing groups, where she has been specially trained to teach clients coping skills they can practice together in a supportive and safe environment. “There is a lot of excitement and energy around it,” Mary said. “The power and benefit of a process group lies in the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement, and feedback from other individuals with a shared experience. Participants not only learn skills but also regain the social connections that may have been reduced due to their journey with mental illness.”

“Mary has really embraced these new methods of care at MBH,” affirmed Clinical Director Kristie Worster. “She has built a strong infrastructure for her groups, presenting and marketing them to her colleagues. We are fortunate to have her.”

With a work history at Maine Behavioral Healthcare spanning almost eight years, Mary has seen a lot of changes, but is happy to be a part of this exciting new evolution in treatment. “We’re onto something here. Moving forward it has wonderful possibilities,” she said. As for what lead her to become a clinician in the first place, she talks about the happiness that comes from helping others succeed.

“I work with individuals to help guide them towards greater insight into their past and present lives. I want to facilitate positive change in my clients and help them create a sense of compassion and satisfaction in their personal journey.”

That’s the type of care we can all support!

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