Asthma Health Program

Improved care translates into improved outcomes. Thanks to MaineHealth’s AH! Asthma Health Program, children and adults with asthma are seeing fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations, fewer missed school days and a better quality of life.

The AH! Asthma Health Program is a community-based approach to coordinated asthma care through which specially trained asthma education specialists work with patients, families and primary care providers to promote optimal asthma care management. Based on the treatment guidelines established by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute – which have been shown to improve patient outcomes when carefully followed – the program emphasizes education, self-care and the coordination of asthma care among everyone involved.

Successful asthma management includes a close working relationship between the patient and healthcare provider, as well as the patient’s active involvement in managing lung health every day. And it works – as shown by the improved outcomes that people who participate in the Asthma Health program are experiencing.

Services Provided

What we offer our patients and families at an asthma education session:

  • Information on the signs and symptoms of asthma
  • How to use the types of medications and devices used to manage asthma and possible side effects of the medications
  • How to identify and avoid things that make asthma worse (triggers)
  • How better understand and use a written asthma self-management plan
  • How to work with your medical team
  • Address problems with asthma control
  • Barriers to asthma care

What we offer health care providers:

  • Follow-up calls
  • A summary of the asthma education visit
  • Clarifications of the National Health, Lung and Blood Institute asthma guidelines and updates
  • Asthma workshops and trainings
  • Office-based tools for patient education