Back to Work Breastfeeding class 12/13

Registration is per person.

This class is designed for mothers who will soon be returning to work, attending school, or otherwise separated from their breastfeeding baby. Mothers will learn how to navigate the world of breast pumps, pumping schedules, breastmilk storage, and maintaining milk supply. You'll learn tried and true tips and tools for reaching your breastfeeding goals, time management, and reconnecting with baby. This class is designed to be taken at least one month before returning to work, school, or extended travel away from baby, although attendance during pregnancy is also welcome. Breastfeeding babies under 6 months are welcome.

Class Testimonials:

"Really great instructor. Very helpful!"

"Very great presentation. Very helpful. Instructor was very knowledgable."



Dates Offered:

Back to Work Breastfeeding class 12 13

MMC-East Tower classrooms 22 Bramhall St

Portland , ME 04102