Restorative Yoga, Writing & Dance

Everyday Energy -  Come Relax, ReRoot and Get Mindfully Mindless!  This is a Creative Community Circle of organic energy-work exercises folks will learn to do anytime, anywhere! Restorative Kundalini Yoga and Ecstatic Conscious Dance Meditation teachers, Rebecca Klementovich, RMT and Lisa Holcomb, M.Ed. & ARMT , will guide you to provide an uplifting experience you will not forget! Both teachers are trained in a diverse blend of expressive healing arts that will fill your senses.

Throughout the class you will enjoy an combination of fun mindfulness practices that will revive your senses:

This Universal Life Force Circle is open to the public, all experiences welcome! 

PART I Rebecca

Restorative breath, gentle movement and mind exercises for quieting the mind.Here we will write down some of our beliefs to give usa direction as to where we can move from a stuck spot. By using restorative breathe, gentle movement and mind exercises we will learn how to quiet the mind. You will leave with some fantastic exercises to quiet the mind in dealing with some of the stuck thoughts of the mind that sometimes loop.


After a morning of breathe work, yoga and writing Lisa will take your work a step further to allow you to “get out of your mind and into your body”! She will guide you thru meditative dance movement patterns that will bring you into a feeling of spacious stillness known as, Transformative Conscious Dance. This is a natural sacred healing dance that helps folks to become aware of, honor and release experiences, desires and beliefs thru music, imagery and dance. This dance movement is fun, safe and so revitalizing as you relax! Individual and group dances are created by the end of class, as well as some beautiful creative writing straight from the heart. Ecstatic Dance Meditation allows the subconscious to surface and reveal new energizing patterns!



REBECCA Klemitovich, RMT, Yoga cert helped support the St. Vincent hospital which had energy work for the trauma victims of 9/11.She is initiated in Usui Shiki Ryoho at the third level.

LISA Holcomb, M.ED. ARMT holds a Master of Education Character Development Educator through Movement, Healing Arts and Outdoor Programs from Leslie University in Cambridge, MA. She is an Advanced Reiki Master Teacher, ARMT; certified JourneyDance(tm) Facilitator, that worked folks at Omega Institute Rest and Relaxation Weekends and a 5Rhythms® Portland Community Dance Maine DJ, known as DJ Sparkle. Lisa loves teaching and dancing with all ages in many places, the water, on dance floors and in nature helping them connect to their highest vibration, their intuitive interconnected Self. “Everyone has a beautiful story buried inside waiting to be released and celebrated!”: