Life After a Cancer Diagnosis

Life after a cancer diagnosis is about a new reality. It's about making changes big and small. It's also about keeping your health and quality of life in mind in everything you do. The following are a series of articles on living well after a cancer diagnosis.

  • Cancer and Body Image:
    It's normal to worry about physical changes after a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Cancer and Pain:
    Living with chronic pain is common for people with cancer. There are activities that people with cancer find helpful in managing pain.

  • Cancer and Loss of Sexual Desire:
    Loss of sexual desire is common with cancer, especially for women. Here are tips to help.

  • Depression and Anxiety:
    Feelings of depression and anxiety are emotions that people with cancer experience. Learn ways to help manage those feelings.

  • Financial Issues:
    Dealing with bills and finances during treatment and recovery is stressful. There are tips and tools to help you.

  • Stressed as you finish treatment?:
    Establishing a "new normal" routine after treatment can feel overwhelming. Learn how to take time for yourself.

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