Stress as you finish your treatment

When you were diagnosed with cancer, there was a lot of fear, anxiety and stress surrounding that time in your life.  Now that you have completed, or are nearing completion of your treatment, all those projects around the house, the tasks on your to-do list, or going back to work are now in the forefront of your mind. This can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Don't feel you need to do everything at once. Take time for yourself and establish a "new normal" routine.

What can you do?

  • Exercise
  • Talk to family and friends
  • Consider meeting with a counselor/therapist to find ways to manage your stress
  • Find activities that you enjoy
  • Meditation, yoga
  • Laugh!

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an evidence based program designed to help people better cope with stress. MaineHealth offers many resources to help you learn about mindfulness. Get started here.

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