Healthcare Professional Clinical Guidelines

About the Guidelines

The MaineHealth Cancer Care Network clinical guidelines and policies assist clinicians in standardizing the evaluation, diagnosis, and care of patients with specific conditions, with the goal of achieving optimal outcomes for patients treated within our network.

The guidelines translate national recommendations and the best available evidence into local context. Adherence to these guidelines should limit unwanted or unintended variation in practice, but guidelines are not meant to be prescriptive. The clinician retains the responsibility to select the appropriate guideline for a particular patient and to use the guideline to the extent that it serves the individual patient. Any given approach must be carefully considered with each individual patient to ensure that an effective Shared Decision Making process is in place which reflects the patient’s personal wishes, medical history, and family history.

About the Work Groups

The MaineHealth Cancer Care Network is supported by multidisciplinary clinical leaders and experts from representative hospitals in the system that come together on a regular basis to develop guidelines that support evidence-based, integrated care for cancer patients across MaineHealth. This site contains approved policies/consensus guidelines from each of these disease-specific Work Groups that help guide the care of cancer patients, as well as support our early detection/prevention initiatives. Following is a summary of the disease-specific Work Groups, along with the designated Chairperson(s):

Dr. Paige Teller, Breast Surgical Oncologist, Co-Director, Breast Care Center, MMC
Dr. Glen Healey, Radiation Oncologist, MGMC

Dr. Emmanuel (Manos) Soultanakis, Gynecologist Oncologist, Division Director, MMP Women’s Cancer Care, MMC

Dr. Sara Mayo, Colorectal Surgeon, Casco Bay Surgery, Department of Surgery, MMC

Dr. Gary Hochheiser, Thoracic Surgeon, Director, Thoracic Surgery Program, MMC
Dr. Patrick Keaney, Pulmonologist, Mid Coast Hospital

Dr. Matthew Hayn, Urologist, MMP Urology, MMC

Please contact Dr. Scot Remick, Physician Chief, or any of the relevant Work Group Medical Chair or Co-Chair for more information on these policies.


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