Patient Education

Providing patient education materials is an important component of cancer care. The MaineHealth Cancer Care Network has a goal of standardizing patient education messages across the Network, which helps reduce confusion for patients and supports seamless transitions in care.

We recommend that care teams use materials from this site, if an item exists for the desired topic. Doing so helps achieve the goal of aligning patient education messages which has benefits for both patients and care teams. We will continue to update the site as new materials are identified.

To ensure the highest quality patient education, all materials available on this site undergo an extensive initial review including:

  • Review by clinical expert(s) from MaineHealth or the MaineHealth Cancer Care Network (MHCCN);
  • Plain language and design review by health literacy experts at MaineHealth Education & Training;
  • Branding review, if created by MaineHealth or MHCCN, by MaineHealth Communications & Marketing; and 
  • Patient review by Patient/Family Advisory Council members or members of the target population.

Additionally, all available materials on this site are reviewed annually for continued clinical relevancy by a clinical content expert.

For more information, please contact Bethany Sanborn, Oncology Patient Education Manager at or 207-396-8776.

HPV Vaccine

The MaineHealth Cancer Care Network and the MaineHealth Child Health Program have identified three HPV vaccine educational handouts for use by care teams in the office or at relevant community events. These materials are:

  • HPV Vaccination: Just the Facts from the American Cancer Society provides general HPV vaccine information in this two-page handout for parent/caregivers.
  • HPV Vaccine is Safe – (Gardasil) from the US CDC is focused on HPV vaccine safety. This two-sided handout may be beneficial for parents/caregivers whose questions focus on this aspect of HPV vaccination.
  • Vaccines for Preteens: What Parents Should Know from the US CDC provides care teams with an one page handout for parent/caregivers when the message is about all pre-teen vaccines, not singling out HPV.

Lower GI

Colon, Rectal and Anal Cancer General Information

The MaineHealth Cancer Care Network’s Colorectal Oncology Work Group recently identified patient education materials for patients newly diagnosed with colon, rectal or anal cancer.   These materials are available free of charge from the American Cancer Society (ACS).

If You Have Colon or Rectal Cancer. An 18-page booklet can be ordered from ACS’s Nicole Heanssler,  If you do not need to have stock on-hand, you can print the same information (not in booklet form and without some of the images) from the ACS website here:  Easy Reading, If You Have Colon or Rectal Cancer.  For best results, print by clicking on the printer icon on the right side of the webpage.

Easy Reading, If You Have Anal Cancer. This 10-page PDF can be printed whenever you need a copy. This document does not exist in booklet form.

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