Group Health and Wellness Coaching

This free WOW! Health & Wellbeing program is available to all MaineHealth employees and their spouses/partners.

Group coaching offers support and expertise to help you connect with others and work towards your vision of a healthier you.

Coaches will help you identify what may be holding you back from being as healthy and happy as you can. They’ll explore your challenges with you and help you find the best way to manage stress, improve nutrition, maintain physical activity and more.

What is the meeting format?

You will meet with your coach in a group of 6-14 people for a series of three sessions. You will have the same coach and be a part of the same group for all three sessions. Together, you can share your journey, learn from each other and build supportive relationships.

Meetings are 60 minutes long and meet monthly or weekly, depending on location.

Who are the coaches?

Health and Wellness Coaches are specially trained to help you explore barriers, build skills, and make lasting changes to improve your health.

How do I get started?

Sessions are held throughout the year. You can register online at any time.
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