Resources for Health Coaches

This is a page of resources for the WOW! Health Coaches. If you are an employee that would like to join a group health coaching session, please click here to find one near you.

Welcome Health Coaches!

Below are the most up-to-date documents that you'll need for your coaching with the WOW! program. Please take time to read through the content below to find all the resources you will need.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Connolly.

Class Administration

Standard Operating Procedure

The SOP explains how to schedule sessions and market your classes, what your responsibilities are around registration and reporting and how things run in general.

Session Information Form

Complete this form with your new session information and email it to Lynn and Mary to have it entered in CourseStorm.

Attendance Sheet Templates

A workbook that contains templates for group health coaching, Am I Hungry and Diabetes Prevention Program. You only need to fill in the registrants' names and the class dates. Send to Di when the class is done.

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Invoice & Tracking for Coaches

This is the document that you submit to Lynn  to be paid if you are coaching outside of your regular work duties. This is submitted at the end of your session.

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Invoice Template for Organizations

This template is for the organizations who have health coaches teach as part of their regular work duties. This must submitted to Lynn for payment.

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CourseStorm Instructions

CourseStorm is the website that we use to schedule all WOW Alternative Program classes. Coaches will receive an invitation to create a CourseStorm instructor account. If you haven't already, or if you need it resent, please contact Lynn. This video below is a short instruction video that will show you how to sign in, see how many people have registered, see how many people are on the waiting list, send emails to your registrants and export the list to use for an attendance sheet. CourseStorm can be accessed here. Please note: Be sure to log in using the "Staff Log In" link at the very bottom of the CourseStorm page, not the "Log In" link in the upper right.



These documents are available for you to use if you would like to.They are not required.

Group Health Coaching

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