Strategic Plan

Franklin Community Health Network is a member of MaineHealth, a not-for-profit family of high-quality hospitals, providers and healthcare organizations, dedicated to a vision of working together so our communities are the healthiest in America. In 2015 a System Strategic Planning Committee composed of community volunteers and leaders from across the MaineHealth service area aligned and developed the system-level strategic plan that outlines key priorities common to all our communities.

MaineHealth’s 2016-18 strategic plan sets the course for the development of each member organization’s strategic plan.

In fiscal year 2017, Franklin Community Health Network (FCHN) will be working on two separate but complementary plans. The financial stabilization plan implemented in 2016 will carry over into the next fiscal year, with the goal of improving and stabilizing our financial performance in the near term.

At the same time, a three-year strategic plan for FY 2017-2019 (Oct. 1, 2016-Sept 30, 2019), will serve as our compass and guide our efforts to fulfill our vision and mission. Our strategic plan was completed with input from the board, medical staff, management team, and key stakeholders.

Enhancing care, creating long-term sustainability

It looks at the longer term, taking into account how to grow services and revenue to enhance patient care, create long-term sustainability, and create a rewarding place to work for our providers and staff. It provides the framework for establishing, on an annual basis, a detailed set of focused goals and objectives, outlining a clear path for advancing the organization.

Each of the plan’s strategic priorities has an executive sponsor(s) to ensure its successful implementation.

Franklin Community Health Network 2017-2019 Strategic Plan

Read our 2017-2019 strategic plan to learn more about our organization's future plans.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Service Delivery Transformation

FY17 Goals and Objectives

Goal: FCHN will provide health care services that align with the evolving needs of the community and reflect clinical and operational best practices.

Primary Care: FCHN will redesign its primary care practices to enhance access, performance and quality consistent with the principles of Primary Care Medical Home.

1) Improve primary care provider capacity and retention through recruitment, collaboration and leadership development and efforts to meet the quadruple aim "improved Clinician experience."

  • Recruit 2 physicians (one family medicine and one internal medicine)
  • Two physicians complete the MaineHealth Physician Leadership Development Program
  • Educate/train staff on optimal roles and duties and develop plan for optimization of staffing ratios for implementation in FY18

2) Develop plan to expand access (e.g., urgent care, expanded hours, physician-NP-PA ratios, onboarding new NPs/PAs) and assess best metrics (e.g., decreased ED utilization) to track performance on plan, with implementation of plan in FY18.

3) Develop a plan addressing proactive outreach and management of existing patients for implementation in FY18.

4) Portfolio Analysis, Medical Staff Development Plan & Regional Collaboration: FCHN will complete a Portfolio Analysis and a Medical Staff Development Plan to provide foundations for clinical planning across the continuum of care. FCHN will then identify opportunities based on these efforts and the Western Regionalization Initiative to more efficiently and effectively deliver services.

5) Clinical Growth Opportunities: FCHN will convene Task Forces in two clinical areas (e.g., Orthopedics) to develop and implement work plans (objectives and tactics) for growth.

6) Behavioral Health: FCHN will implement the applicable recommendations of the MaineHealth Opioid Task Force.

7) Swing Bed Program: Franklin Memorial Hospital will evaluate the cost-benefits of establishing a swing bed program and if viable, implement such program.

8) Hospitalist Program: Finalize performance dashboard and FY17 target benchmarks for hospitalist program, with performance being monitored against selected targets.

Quality Improvement and Patient Experience

FY17 Goals and Objectives

Goal: FCHN will implement efforts to endeavor to achieve top decile performance in quality, patient safety and patient experience.

1) FCHN will meet or exceed the applicable targets for all of the following MaineHealth System Measures:

  • Colorectal Cancer Screen
  • Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c < 9%) Test for Diabetes
  • Pediatric Body Mass Index (BMI) Plus 5210
  • Provider Communication (Outpatient CG CAHPS survey)
  • Hospital Acquired Conditions (CLABSI, CAUTI)

2) FCHN will also meet or exceed selected targets for the HCAHPS: Staff Responsiveness inquiry.

3) FCHN will develop and implement a plan in response to the Culture of Safety survey scheduled for August 2016.

4) FCHN will have a successful Joint Commission survey as reflected by zero jeopardy citations that could be the basis of a conditional accreditation.

5) Implement Operational Excellence.

Financial Performance

FY17 Goals and Objectives

Goal: FCHN will identify and deploy key strategies that will allow us to achieve and maintain a sustainable operating margin.

1) FCHN will achieve the target FY17 operating margin.

2) In FY17, FMH will keep its cost per adjusted discharge at or below budget.

3) Implement and successfully utilize Truven Analytics to provide benchmarking data to aid operational/financial improvement plans.

4) Implement revenue enhancement initiatives, as follows:

  • Increase inpatient reimbursement rates by improving clinical documentation,
  • measured by an in increase in Medicare Case Mix Index from 1.2 to 1.25.
  • Improve utilization review and case management to decrease inpatient average length of stay to 10% less than the benchmark geometric mean ALOS.
  • Improve utilization review to decrease percentage of observation cases compared to acute admissions from 40% to 20%.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

FY17 Goals and Objectives

Goal: FCHN will successfully implement strategic initiatives and activities to demonstrate a sincere commitment to increased community engagement.

1) FCHN will conduct a consumer assessment/market research survey to obtain community perspectives (including non-patients) about FCHN’s delivery of care and make a plan to implement responsive actions for FY18 forward.

2) FCHN will develop and implement a communications plan regarding the FY17-19 Strategic Plan.

3) After assessing current FCHN engagement in civic organizations, nonprofit organizations, health and social service agencies, municipal agencies, or educational institutions, (1) develop an organizational expectation that all members of the executive team will be active members in at least one of the aforementioned organizations; and (2) encourage all FCHN employees’ current involvement in such activities.

4) Develop and implement poverty awareness and sensitivity training throughout FCHN in conjunction with community-wide initiatives.

Population Health, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention

Population Health and Wellness

FY17 Goals and Objectives

Goal : FCHN recognizes that the community sees poverty as the overarching concern affecting health outcomes and will consider this in addressing Population Health initiatives. FCHN will implement successfully the selected Community Health Needs Assessment initiatives related to Access/Connectivity and Obesity.

1) Access/Connectivity: For FY17, FCHN will implement the following initiatives:

  • Develop a common, shared definition of Access (this is more than the number of available providers in a specific discipline)/Community Connectivity for services.
  • Complete a community wide resource map after an assessment of both internal and external services in the region.
  • Assess and quantify the community’s level of knowledge regarding available community based resources.
  • Building off the prior efforts, develop an action plan to expand access/connectivity to services for implementation in FY18 and beyond, including identification of targeted metrics to track success.

2) Obesity: For FY17, FCHN will implement the following Obesity initiatives.

  • As part of the community resource map (Access/Connectivity objective), assess scope of current FCHN and community resources for obesity prevention and weight management
  • Develop recommendations for opportunities to expand Let’s Go and other programs (e.g., SNAP education) for FY18 and beyond.
  • Performance to be monitored utilizing the MaineHealth System Measure for Pediatric Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • In coordination with MaineHealth initiative on adult obesity, develop a plan for training and implementing an adult obesity standard of care

3) Infrastructure: FCHN will develop a population health committee to assess internal infrastructure needs and to support the implementation and coordination of Population Health initiatives.

Our Values The MaineHealth family shares a common set of core values that reflect our beliefs, guide our actions, and shape our collective culture.
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