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Problems are a fact of life. Fortunately, most are not so complicated that we can't solve them by ourselves. But few of us go through life without coming face to face with a problem too tough to handle alone. When personal problems start affecting work performance on the job, it's time for employee assistance. These problems may include marriage difficulties, legal or financial problems, emotional difficulties, or problems with alcohol and drug abuse. We believe that short-term counseling can help resolve these issues and make an employee productive once again. Programs offered:

  • Confidential counseling service for management and employees
  • Management training and education
  • Assistance in establishing drug-free workplaces
  • Information and referral

Characteristics unique to the program:

  • Counseling appointments can be made within 48 hours
  • Professional and qualified counseling staff
  • Information and referral network for support services
  • Immediate access to crisis services
  • High usage rates among employers who contract with Evergreen

Treatment Approach

When an employer secures our Employee Assistance Program services, there are two ways that employees can use our services:

Self-Referral: The employee or a family member may request help by calling the EAP counselor directly. An appointment will be arranged within 48 hours in most cases.

Supervisor's Referral: Our hope is that an employee will seek help before problems start affecting their work. However, if a supervisor starts noticing a pattern of work performance problems (such as excessive absence or lateness, drop in productivity, or conflict with others), the supervisor can recommend a visit to the EAP counselor.

Qualified staff, who are professional and respect confidentiality, are available to assess employee problems, to make referrals, and to make follow-up contact to review progress.


The EAP counselor will see an employee for a limited number of sessions. If follow-up treatment is needed, the EAP counselor will assist the employee in finding appropriate help and resources.

Key Facts to Know

  • Employee Assistance Program services are 100 percent confidential.
  • An employee's discussion with the counselor remains private.
  • Even if a supervisor refers an employee to the EAP, the only information shared is whether or not the employee kept the scheduled appointment. Information is released only if an employee gives written permission, or in those situations where problems are life-threatening or abuse is revealed.
  • Participation in the Employee Assistance Program is voluntary by the employee or family member. No one is forced to use the program.
  • The Employee Assistance Program services are provided to employees and their family members as a free service by their employer. The EAP is often viewed as a low-cost but attractive employee benefit.
  • Problems that may affect one family member can affect the entire family. At times, it may be beneficial for one or more family members to meet with the EAP counselor.

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