Outpatient Specialty Care

Franklin Memorial Hospital is committed to bringing the best specialty care to you! We engage in strategic partnerships with other Maine health systems to provide these services. For more information on an Outpatient Specialty Service, please call the numbers provided below.

Please notify Jill Gray at 779-2555 for any additions, deletions or corrections.

Name of Clinic Provider Frequency Contact Person Phone
Located on the second floor of FMH



Vascular Services
Located at Androscoggin Valley Medical Arts Center
21 Main Street
Livermore Falls



Cardiac Device Clinic



Maine Medical Partners MaineHealth Cardiology: Lynette Weeman, DO, FACC; David Frost, MD; Heinrich Grube, MD; and Beth Hartsock, APRN, FNP.


Paul Frey, MD, MPH; Vascular imaging services are provided by a certified vascular technologist at Franklin Memorial Hospital. Appointments: 779-2375.









First Wednesday of the month (8 times/year)



Outpatient Dept.















Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Located on first floor of Franklin Memorial Hospital

Lynette Weeman, DO, FACC and David Rice, MD, respectively Also staffed by RNs  Monday-Friday  779-2734
Diabetes Self-Management
Located on the second floor of FMH
Katie Drouin, RD
  Call for appointment Outpatient Dept. 779-2375

Ridhi Gupta, MD
Susan Trafton, PA-C
Rachit Kumar, MD

All affiliated the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care

  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Treatments daily
Oncology Dept. 779-2590
Occupational Health 
Located in the Mt. Blue Health Center
  Monday-Friday Occupational Health 779-2367

Outpatient Clinic (located on the 2nd floor at FMH)

  • IV medication for Autoimmune disorders (Multiple sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, etc)
  • Intramuscular/subcutaneous injections (lovenox, neulasta, B12 injections, Xolair, aranesp, etc)
  • Many forms of IV therapy including: IVIG (intravenous immune globulin), Prolastin, IV antibiotics, Hydration, Blood Transfusions/products
  • PPD skin test (TB skin test)
  • Medications prior to/post procedures (hydrations, antibiotics, etc)
  • Anemia management therapy
  • Port-a-cath care (lab draws, maintenance flushes, needle changes, dressing changes)
  • Vaccines
  • PICC line, Hickman catheter care (labs, dressing changes, infusions)
  • Surgical/Wound dressing changes
  • Unna boot/profore wraps as ordered by specialist
  • Catheterizations
  • Colostomy care/education.
Per physician order Staffed by RNs Open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-4:30.p.m. Outpatient Dept. 779-2539

Pediatric Cardiology
Office-based pediatric cardiology consultation at Franklin Health Pediatrics

Maribeth Hourihan, MD affiliated Maine Medical Partners MaineHealth Cardiology   Provided for one day every three months Franklin Health Pediatrics  779-0482
Pediatric Telepsychiatry Maine Behavioral Healthcare   Every Thursday Franklin Health Pediatrics  779-0482
Hanger Clinic
Located in the Stanley Health Center
Hanger Clinic   Every Wednesday Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics 782-6907 to schedule an appointment
Psychiatric Services Arthur Dingley, DO
Suzanne Alexis, NP
Rebecca Chandler, PMH-NP, CS
   Monday-Friday Franklin Health Behavioral Services  778-0035
Located at Androscoggin Valley Medical Arts Center
21 Main Street
Livermore Falls
Dr. Daniel Doornbos   Three Tuesdays per month

Sports Medicine
Located at Franklin Health Orthopaedics
Dr. Thomas Pulling   Wednesday mornings Franklin Health Orthopaedics 778-9001

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Provider Referrals: Right to Obtain Services from a Different Provider

We value our patients. If your provider refers you for an additional health care service or procedure, or makes a recommendation that you see a specialty provider, you have the right to obtain services from a different provider. We encourage you to contact your insurance company to discuss the cost of the service or procedure, as costs may vary by provider. A description of the service or the applicable medical codes or current procedural terminology codes may be needed by the insurance company, and we are happy to provide you with that written information upon request.