Sleep Disorders

Sleep CenterIf you suspect that you, or someone you know, may have a sleep disorder, help is available at our Sleep Center. Staffing the center are certified respiratory therapists and sleep technologists who conduct overnight sleep studies.

Physicians from the Maine Sleep Center Chest Medicine Associates interpret the findings and makes recommendations for patients.

During the study, patients are ‘wired for sleep’ to monitor brain activity and body systems such as breathing, heart rate, leg movements and body position, and how they impact sleep. Problems that can be diagnosed from an overnight sleep study include sleep apnea (breath-holding spells during sleep); shallow breathing; leg movements that disturb sleep; teeth grinding (or bruxism); and behavior changes during sleep such as sleep walking or acting out dreams.

Sleep CenterAfter an overnight study, the sleep technologist gives a preliminary morning report to the sleep specialist physician, who will then interpret the findings and make treatment recommendations.

A referral from a physician is required to make an appointment for the Sleep Center.

For more information contact us at (207) 779-2375 or 1-800-398-6031 (ext. 2375)


Do you have any of the signs of being sleep deprived?

Contact your primary care provider to see if a sleep study is right for you.
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