Focus Group Facilitation

What is a focus group? 

A focus group is a guided discussion led by a non-biased facilitator in a non-threatening environment. Participants are asked to share their thoughts, opinions, and attitudes about a specified topic. The focus group is made up of participants that have the characteristics of the people you are trying to learn about. For example, if you want to know if your service is meeting the needs of parents of pediatric patients, the recruitment process would target parents of pediatric patients at your office.

Why do a focus group?

Focus groups are a helpful tool to help better understand the people you serve.
Insights derived from focus groups can help to:

  • Make decisions about patient education materials or forms
  • Understand how patient experience
  • Gain insight during the development of a new website or social media tool 

How can the Education and Training team help with focus groups?

Our staff is formally trained in focus group facilitation. As trained moderators, we are skilled in developing insightful questions, moderating focus groups, analyzing results, and compiling a detailed and insightful report.

Our services are available to all MaineHealth organizations.
What you can expect:

  • Guidance with question development
  • Professional support throughout the entire process, from planning to execution of the groups
  • Unbiased facilitation of focus groups
  • Complete analysis and documentation of focus group findings
  • Report of analysis findings within 10-15 business days of last focus group

Interested in holding a focus group?

A focus group can help you gather information to better understand the people you serve. Our staff is trained in focus group facilitation and report writing. This service is available to all MaineHealth members.
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