Wellness and Health Coach Training

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What is Wellness and Health Coach Training?

Professional health and wellness coaches guide their clients towards improved lifestyle changes for better health by helping them to:

  1. Recognize the impact of lifestyle choices on their health
  2. Understand the benefits of change
  3. Identify barriers to change
  4. Provide tools and strategies to help them build skills for success

What is the Wellness Mapping 360© Wellness Coach Training Institute?

The MaineHealth Education and Training Program has partnered with Real Balance Global Wellness Services, the Wellness Coach Training Institute, to bring professional health coach training and certification to MaineHealth. The Wellness Coach Training Institute is a certification program designed to teach health and wellness professionals to be wellness coaches. Blending the best from the wellness field with the practical and effective skill-base of coaching, Wellness Mapping 360© teaches a systematic coaching process based on behavioral change psychology, human motivation, solution-oriented therapy, and professional coaching.

The training takes four days (32 hours) to complete. The cost is $1,000 for MaineHealth employees and $1,495 for non-MaineHealth employees. (Non-MaineHealth employees are eligible for a $100 early registration discount.)

Who should attend the training?

The Wellness Coach Training Institute is designed for health, allied health, wellness, and fitness professionals who want to add coaching to their existing set of skills.

With Accountable Care and the Patient Centered Medical Home in the forefront of health care delivery, it is more important than ever to give people the tools and skills they need to manage their health. Patients, employers, and the healthcare system will all reap the rewards of having a certified health coach on your team.

What will I learn?

This training opportunity will teach you how to motivate and support people so they can make lasting lifestyle changes. You will learn wellness concepts and the impact of lifestyle on health and wellbeing. You will learn how to assess a patient’s readiness for change, and how to use coaching tools and techniques to lead patients to make changes for their health. At the end of the institute, you will be a certified wellness coach.

Who teaches the program?

The program is lead by Mary Bitterauf (BS, CHES, CHC), a nationally certified health education specialist and health coach. Mary is an approved teacher for Real Balance. The Wellness Coach Training Institute is endorsed by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

When is the next training?

Training's are offered in March, June, and November.

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