Adult Program

The Let’s Go! Small Steps program helps adults lead healthier lives. Parents and non-parents alike want to move more, eat better, and feel rested. So, Let’s Go! reviewed the latest evidence and applied learnings from our 5-2-1-0 program to develop the Small Steps program for adults. Anyone can take part in and benefit from a few Small Steps:

  1. Move more – it’s a great way to improve your health
  2. Eat Real – foods that come from nature give you energy
  3. Drink Water – it’s the best choice
  4. Rest Up – good sleep restores your body and mind

Let’s Go! works with employers and health care practices to help them create environments where the healthy choice is the easy choice. When it comes to your health, small steps go far.

Small Steps to a Healthier You

Let’s Go! knows you’re busy, and when you’re short on time it’s tough to eat well and get active. That’s why our Small Steps program encourages incremental changes that add up to better health.

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