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Let’s Go! works with school nutrition directors across Maine to increase the nutritional quality of school meals. The program organizes six workgroups covering forty six districts and departments representing 247 schools.

We provide research-based best practices, resources and support to help cafeterias make the healthy choice the easy choice. Currently, Let’s Go! partners with the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Program (BEN Center) to support the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement (SLM). The goal of this initiative is to implement simple, low-and-no-cost changes in the lunchroom to nudge kids to make nutritious choices on their own and ultimately improve participation and profit in school lunch programs while decreasing waste. Examples of best practices include:

  • Introducing a dedicated “healthy line” with grab-and-go salads and healthy sandwiches
  • Moving the salad bar to a more convenient location increased salad selection
  • Involving students in the development of creative and descriptive names for menu items

Let's Go! Cafeterias

Is your child’s cafeteria a Let’s Go! Cafeteria? Search our site list to see which schools are using Smarter Lunchroom techniques to nudge students towards healthier options.


Lets Go! School Nutrition Overview

Maine is leading the nation in school lunch advancements and students are loving the changes. To see the progress for yourself, view our exciting Public Service Announcement.

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