Specialty Care Providers

Other Providers Serving the LincolnHealth Community

Not all providers who care for patients in Lincoln County are employees of Lincoln Medical Partners. Listed below are the physicians and providers who are affiliated with LincolnHealth and regularly provide care to patients in this region.

Chiropractics 207-882-7600

  • Kimberly Slade, DC

Dermatology 207-396-7300

  • Ronald Rovner, MD  

Ear, Nose & Throat 207-443-4511

  • Robert Dixon, MD

Penobscot Bay Neurology 207-593-5757

  • Judd Jensen, MD
  • Bruce Sigsbee, MD
  • Robert Stein, MD
  • Seth Kolkin, MD  207-883-1414
  • Peter Bridgeman, MD/DO  207-729-7800


  • John Karod, MD  207-594-2501
  • James Ross, MD  207-798-7979

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