Leadership Naming Opportunities

$1,000,000 - Building (reserved)

 $750,000 - Elevator Lobby

 $500,000 - Lobby (reserved)

 $350,000 - Waiting Room (1 available, 1 reserved)

 $250,000 - Community Meeting Room (1)

 $100,000 Patio (reserved)

Entry Vestibule (1 available, 1 reserved)

Central Reception (reserved)

 $75,000 Employee Lounge (2)

Behavioral Health Waiting Room (1) 

$50,000 Elevator (1 available, 1 reserved)

XRay Room (1)

Behavioral Health Central Reception (1)

 $35,000 Private Conference (2)

Behavioral Health Conference Room (1)

Cast Room (2)

Laboratory (1)

Triage (2)

Treatment Room (4)

Vaccination Room (reserved)

$25,000 Consult Room (6)

Social Worker Office (2)

Behavioral Health Case Managers Area (1)

$10,000 Exam Room (38 available, 12 reserved)

Behavioral Health Office (5)

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  • Adam Russell with Jeff Slack, CarePartners Case Manager for Lincoln County
    CarePartners Program Turned Life Around

    Five years ago, Adam Russell was in and out of the hospital with high blood sugar and lapsed into a diabetic coma. The LincolnHealth physicians and nurses were telling him everything he needed to do to better manage his diabetes, including to start taking insulin.

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  • John A Bowers Award Recipient Danielle Feltis
    LincolnHealth Announces Third John A. Bowers Innovation Award Recipient

    Danielle Feltis of Miles & St. Andrews Home Health & Hospice is the third recipient of the John A. Bowers Innovation Award for her vision for a software solution and the key role she played to guide MaineHealth EPIC analysts to design a new module for the private care division.

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