Strategic Plan

Maine Behavioral Healthcare is part of the MaineHealth system, a not-for-profit family of high-quality hospitals, providers and healthcare organizations, dedicated to a vision of working together so our communities are the healthiest in America. 

In 2015 a System Strategic Planning Committee composed of community volunteers and leaders from across the MaineHealth service area aligned and developed the system-level strategic plan that outlines key priorities common to all our communities. This three-year plan sets the course for the development of each organization’s strategic plan. 

The Maine Behavioral Healthcare 2018 Plan covers a 12-month period and supports that common vision and key priorities set forth by MaineHealth. The 2018 Bridge Plan is based on redefining our direction and getting back to basics with a vision that reflects key priorities in the communities we serve. The Maine Behavioral Healthcare Strategic Plan will serve as a roadmap for every program and service we offer and develop.

The Maine Behavioral Healthcare Strategic Plan is based on the following areas:

  1. Population Health: We are building healthy connections together
  2. Clinical Excellence: We are centered around client and patient care
  3. Financial Excellence: We are investing in a solid foundation supporting quality of care
  4. One MBH: We are strengthening the links in our continuum of care to support safe patient flow
  5. Behavioral Health Service Line: We are delivering the right care at the right time for our patients
  6. Environment of Engagement: We value, respect and support every member of the MBH team

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