SPARK for Autism

What is SPARK?

Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge 

SPARK is a landmark autism research project to advance understanding of autism. Maine Behavioral Healthcare is the Northern New England clinical site (SPARK North) to encourage participation in the study. Learn more

Who can participate in SPARK?

  • Children and adults with a professional diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder
  • Biological parents and full siblings of the individual with autism spectrum disorder

 How does the study work?

SPARK is collecting DNA samples from people with autism and their parents, which make up one genetic profile, or “trio”. At least 50,000 profiles will be needed nationwide to help identify genetic factors that contribute to autism. The Maine Behavioral Healthcare site is seeking to enroll 250 over the next three years. 

Are you curious about SPARK progress to date?

There are currently 18,089 people with autism participating in SPARK.

spark snapshot July 2017
View more details in our data report HERE.

SPARK on the Air

Clinical researcher Laurie Raymond talks about the SPARK for autism research project with our friends at the Portland Radio Group.

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