Rose McCue: Admissions Nurse

Rose McCue, RNMeet Rose

Rose McCue began her mental health career as a support worker in the outpatient community until curiosity about the psychiatric hospital setting inspired her to pursue a career as psychiatric nurse. “A few times I had to bring a patient to the old Jackson Brook Institute,” she recalled, referencing the psychiatric hospital that was purchased by Maine Medical Center in 1999 and reopened as Spring Harbor Hospital, “But I never got to see what happened beyond the door. I wanted to know more about inpatient care.”

Now Rose is an admissions nurse at Spring Harbor Hospital and has been with the organization since 2010. The position requires some detective skills, which Rose enjoys. “I get one-on-one time with new patients as they arrive at the hospital. It’s my job to listen to them and put their story together,” she explained. “It’s a special time for the patient. They’ve come from a chaotic emergency room and are now in a quiet, supportive setting where they can be heard. I validate them and give them support.”

Rose was recently nominated for Maine Hospital Association Caregiver of the Year along with her mentor Alicia Hartman, CSC/PT. “I was very touched and honored to be nominated,” Rose said. “Alicia trained me when I started here. She is absolutely awesome and I have a lot of admiration for her.” The award is presented annually to recognize a caregiver who demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to patient care, but it’s clear that Rose gets just as much back from her patients as she gives.

“Each person I see touches my life in a different way,” Rose said. “Some of our patients come back more than once, and that’s fine. I tell them that it will all work out, and that this is just another chance to do better. You have to have hope. If you don’t have hope, then this isn’t the job for you.”

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