Governance & Leadership

Maine Medical Center, a not-for-profit organization, is governed by a dedicated volunteer Board of committed citizens from the communities we serve. Our Board members represent a variety of backgrounds and experiences. They demonstrate the highest level of integrity, compassion, and commitment to the medical center's mission and values, and thoughtfully guide Maine Medical Center, with a steadfast focus on safe patient and family centered care. They are elected to the Board thanks to their:

  • Demonstrated interest in serving the community and interest in health care
  • Unquestioned integrity
  • Ethical values that are consistent with those of our communities
  • Record of demonstrated leadership

As our primary governing body, the Board has the final responsibility for the control and supervision of the business of Maine Medical Center, including policies regarding operating budgets, strategic plans, capital investments, in addition to their responsibility of patient care and safety. The President & CEO of Maine Medical Center reports to the Board.