Maine Nonprofit Corporation Act

Executive and Trustee Disclosures

In accordance with Chapter 7 of the Maine Nonprofit Corporation Act, we are disclosing the compensation paid by the corporation to any director or officer of the corporation for whom the salary plus benefits exceeded $250,000 for the last reporting period.

Maine Medical Center Disclosure for Fiscal Year 2015

Total Benefits Salary
Richard Petersen
President & Chief Executive Officer
$1,055,706 $116,893 $938,813
Peter Bates, MD
Senior Vice President Medical Affairs
$609,230 $85,135 $524,095
Reed Quinn, MD
$1,055,815 $74,675 $981,140
Jeffery Sanders
Chief Operating Officer
$499,907 $62,056 $437,851
Margorie Wiggins
Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services, CNO
$488,194 $73,519 $414,675
Lugene Inzana
Senior Vice President of Finance
$377,930 36,009 $341,921