Strategic Plan

Maine Medical Center is part of MaineHealth, a not-for-profit family of high-quality hospitals, providers and healthcare organizations, dedicated to a vision of working together so our communities are the healthiest in America. In 2015 a System Strategic Planning Committee composed of community volunteers and leaders from across the MaineHealth service area aligned and developed the system-level strategic plan that outlines key priorities common to all our communities.

MaineHealth’s 2016-18 strategic plan sets the course for the development of each organization’s strategic plan. Maine Medical Center's 2017-2019 Strategic Plan supports that common vision and reflects key priorities set forth by MaineHealth and also reflects local health care needs and priorities.

Maine Medical Center’s strategic plan and the priorities it establishes will serve as our organization’s compass, guiding our efforts to fulfill our Vision and Mission. These priorities are each defined by a commitment and a desired state that inform a set of long-term goals. These goals are further refined into yearly objectives, which become the Annual Implementation Plan. When achieved, these goals and objectives will help us to realize our vision to the benefit of our patients and the communities we serve across Maine and New Hampshire.

Maine Medical Center's 2017 - 2019 Strategic Plan

Maine Medical Center’s strategic plan sets our direction for the next three years. It provides a clean and compelling vision rooted in a firm commitment to our mission and is supported by a set of values shared across the MaineHealth system.

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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Care Team Well Being

Desired State

Maine Medical Center praises and deeply values all employees and providers who share our Mission and Vision. The Values that define all of us guide our delivery of patient centered care. Our concern for all members of the care team will be expressed through sincere appreciation, active engagement at all levels, a commitment to work-life balance, the nurturing of positive and meaningful relationships, and the furthering of an obligation to create a safe, healing environment.


  • Elevate our overall employee and provider engagement scores to the nation’s top 25th percentile as measured by the Advisory Board.

Healthy Communities

Desired State

Maine Medical Center will help our communities become the healthiest in the nation through our population health programs and strategies that utilize data-driven activities to decrease health disparities. We will decrease the burden of disease and disability and create a culturally competent, health-nurturing environment free from stigma and bias. Our efforts will address the physical, mental, behavioral, and socioeconomic determinants of health and well-being, and promote involvement, engagement, and autonomy so each individual can achieve the highest quality of life. Success depends on collaboration with diverse community partners, active involvement of our academic and scientific enterprises, and reduced barriers to healthy choices.


  • Decrease the Burden of Disease with a focus on opiates and addiction treatment.
  • Create Health-Nurturing Environments addressing needs concerning adult obesity and adverse childhood events.

Affordable Care

Desired State

Today’s value proposition in healthcare challenges us to provide the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost. To achieve this goal and position ourselves as a market leader in delivering world-class care at an affordable price, we will foster a culture of innovation. This approach demands that we leverage the latest in technology, engage with our providers and staff, and promote lean processes in caring for our patients.


  • Implement a robust cost accounting & financial decision support system capable of measuring cost at the encounter level.
  • Engage all levels of our organization in initiatives aimed at reducing cost, while maintaining high-quality services.
  • In preparation for new and evolving payment models such as Bundled Payments and Global Contracts that include Downside Risk, implement Population Health tools to track resource consumption across the care continuum, including actuarial support.
  • Enhance Safe Patient Flow
  • Limit Cost per Adjusted Discharge growth to 100% of Medicare Market Basket by FY2019

Patient-Centered Care

Desired State

The well being of our patients is our foremost priority as demonstrated through our success in providing timely access to safe, efficient, effective, and equitable primary and advanced care. Shared decision-making and decreased variation in care, applying both evidence-based medicine as well as consensus-driven clinical pathways, are firmly embedded as the cornerstones of our care delivery model in an innovative learning and research environment. Improved communication and coordination of services among health care providers, patients and their caregivers, and community-based resources play a pivotal role in achieving these outcomes.


Patients and their families will experience high quality care because we will:

  • Reach the national average or above of teaching hospitals in responsiveness, quietness, cleanliness (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, or HCAHPS)
  • Reach the 90th percentile in communication measures for inpatients (HCAHPS) and outpatient surveys (Clinician and Group – Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems)
  • Develop and implement a precision medicine initiative that positions Maine Medical Center as the regional leader in molecular genomic health
  • Achieve and maintain a Leapfrog Safety Score of “A” by preventing Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections, Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections, and Surgical Site Infections
  • Exceed the targets for the five Accountable Care Organization measures adopted by MaineHealth
  • Seek to reduce care variation and waste
    • Each service line, working with its academic partners, will incorporate one new clinical pathway into their selected clinical transformation project each year
  • Firmly embed Advanced Care Planning discussions with Maine Medical Partners patients ≥ age 65 in care delivery as evidenced by Electron
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