Ambulatory Training

Ambulatory training occurs both in the Ambulatory Care Clinics, located on site at MMC, and in community-based practice sites. The Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatric Continuity Clinic is conveniently located across from the Pediatric Clinic and one floor above the Internal Medicine Clinic. Radiology, laboratory and other support services are also close by. During their ambulatory training residents are precepted by Internists, Pediatricians, and Med-Peds physicians and are supported by nurse practitioners, nurses and secretarial staff. Outpatient documentation is done through our electronic medical record system.

The clinic patients include an ethnically diverse group-from Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe and many others whose families hail from Maine for many decades. Ambulatory care rotations allow residents to participate in a variety of specialty clinics such as dermatology, geriatrics, international medicine, homeless health, sports medicine, ophthalmology, and women's health.

Community-Based Continuity Practice Site

In addition to the Combined Internal Medicine-Pediatric Continuity Clinic at the hospital, a continuity experience has been developed at an Internal Medicine-Pediatric practice site. Lakes Region Primary Care is a comprehensive Internal Medicine-Pediatric primary care practice located in Windham, Maine, 20 miles northwest of Portland. It is located at the entrance to the beautiful Sebago Lakes region, a popular summer destination and home to a growing community of young families. This practice consists of five Internist-Pediatricians as well as a Pediatrician, a Nurse Practitioner, and a Physician Assistant, all working to keep a vibrant community healthy. This site integrates teaching and patient care with both residents and medical students.

Maine Practice Network Rural Health

The Maine Practice Network (MPN) provides training sites for Internal Medicine and Med-Peds residents at MMC as well as for students from area medical schools. Rural practice sites and interested preceptors have been selected with great care. The goal of the Med-Peds Rural Rotation is for residents to acquire practice skills in both ambulatory and hospital settings in communities away from the subspecialty environment of a tertiary hospital. Each resident spends two months at an MPN site, at which housing is provided if the location is not within driving distance of Portland.