Radiology Residency

The radiology department performs over 170,000 exams per year, which includes about 25,000 CT scans, 17,000 US studies including vascular/interventional studies and 10,000 MRI exams. Our newly renovated Radiology department equipment includes, helical CT scanners, including CT fluoro, 3 high field MRI scanners, 4 Ultrasound units on-site and 3 off site, 3 SPECT scanners and 2 gamma cameras in nuclear medicine, Angiography suite with 3 new digital rooms including neurointerventional, Fluoroscopy suite with 3 digital fluoroscopy units, on-site general computed radiography rooms including tomography, 1 on-site ACR accredited mammography unit with 5 off site ACR accredited mammography units and 1 stereotactic mammographic biopsy unit.

Residency Training

One clinical year followed by 4 years of diagnostic radiology training including 3 months at Children's Hospital in Boston and 4 weeks at AIRP in Washington, D.C. The program also includes teaching conferences at 0715 and 1200 daily throughout the academic year and a conference at 1200 during the summer months. Residents will participate in work rounds with attending radiologist several times per day. ACR Teaching collection and CDROM learning both available in the department. Our residents have easy access to a departmental library. Books and conferences are funded by each resident. Our curriculum includes 44 weeks general radiology (GI, GU, Chest, MSK, ER), 12 weeks mammography, 700 hours of nuclear radiology, 4 weeks cardiac radiology, 13 weeks pediatric radiology, weeks angio/interventional, weeks body CT, weeks neuro CT, weeks MRI, weeks ultrasonography, 8 weeks elective, 4 weeks at AIRP.

Meet Our Residents

Learn about the residents in the Radiology Residency Program for 2016 – 2017!


Message from our Program Director

The Department of Radiology at MMC has a tradition of excellence in residency training. Our program is highly resident-oriented, with strong clinical experience combined with two teaching conferences for radiology residents per day, the majority of which are given by our experienced faculty. There are no fellows in our department, which means that the residents are intimately involved with all procedures, and the clinical teaching is one-on-one with a faculty member. Our program is small enough that the faculty and residents get to know each other quite well.

Most of our graduates do go on to fellowship at very prestigious institutions such as Duke, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital in Boston, Johns Hopkins, University of Utah, Stanford, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Vermont, Dartmouth, UCSF, Wake Forest, University of Colorado – to name a few. The varied practical, clinical experience at Maine Medical Center has prepared them well for their careers in radiology.

The Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program is a categorical program that has an integrated one year preliminary internal medicine internship here at MMC. We handle all of our applications through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS). We ask that all completed applications be submitted through ERAS by October 1st. We appreciate that you have shown interest in the MMC Radiology Residency. Please contact our residency program coordinator, Cristi Holmes at (207) 662-4279 for additional information or to answer any questions you may have.

Charles Grimes, M.D.
Dept. of Radiology