Spiritual Care

We are Spiritual Care professionals who bring a consistent and receptive presence to patients, families and staff in times of emotional and spiritual need. As a team we seek to personify the Maine Medical Center mission of care, education and research.

Spiritual Care staff will provide for the Spiritual and religious dimensions of people's lives. Consistent with the Mission of MMC, these services will be provided without prejudice and with respect for the beliefs and faith traditions of those served.

The education and research of MMC's Mission Statement will be upheld by the Department of Spiritual Care by the following offerings:

What We Do

  • Chaplains of many faiths are available to speak to, or pray with patients who so desire.
  • Chaplains are also available to administer special sacraments of faith.
  • The Alexander B. Cairns Memorial Chapel, located on the first floor of the Maine General Building, is available at all hours for prayer and reflection. Devotional materials are available.
  • Denominational and ecumenical services are held weekly and seasonally for patients, families, and employees. In addition, special services are held to commemorate special events.
  • We recognize the importance of the relationship between spirituality and physical health and the role that pastoral and spiritual caregivers provide in this process.

Our Staff

The Department of Spiritual Care is committed to providing spiritual care grounded in our Mission Statement for all patients who request assistance. Interfaith chaplains and chaplains representing a variety of faith communities are available 24 hours a day to offer spiritual support. Local ministers, priests, and rabbis are encouraged to visit their congregants upon request of the patient. 

Director & ACPE Certified Educator

The Rev. Heather L. Weidemann
Phone: (207) 662-2352
Fax: (207) 662-6212

Administrative Specialist

Kasey Grover
Phone: (207) 662-2951

Spiritual Care Manager

Tia Jamir
Phone: (207) 662-3740

Catholic Chaplain

Michael Vaughn
Phone: (207) 662-5279

Catholic Chaplain

Fr. Anthanasius Wirsiy 

Catholic Chaplain

Fr. Amandus Sway

Jewish Chaplain

Rosie Wohl
Phone: (207) 662-5361

Chaplain to Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital & The Family Birth Center

Abby d’Ambruoso
(207) 662-1265

Cardiovascular Service Line Chaplain

Joan Carr Myers
Phone: (207) 662-6117