Patient Education

The Joint Replacement Center takes great pride in the quality of our patient education. An informed patient prior to surgery helps improve outcomes and leads to greater patient satisfaction. We hope the content on our site provides you with helpful information about our programs, specific surgery information, and rehabilitation. We are also pleased to offer classes for patients and downloadable guides to help prepare you for surgery.

Gym-Based Rehabilitation

The MMC Joint Replacement Center has a dedicated therapy gym. The staff is focused solely on joint replacement patients. Patients are encouraged to dress in workout clothing, such as a t-shirt, sweatpants or shorts, and sneakers.

Rehabilitation Begins at the Bedside

A quick and safe return to activity is key to preventing complications after joint replacement surgery. Rehabilitation therapy at the MMC Joint Replacement Center typically starts soon after a patient is settled in his or her room after surgery. Nurses and rehabilitation therapists evaluate a patient as the patient sits at the edge of the bed, stands beside the bed, and participates in exercises designed to increase the strength and range of motion of the joint. Beginning physical therapy shortly after surgery can strengthen the muscles that protect a joint. Muscles are the first line of defense, so the stronger they are, the sooner a patient will recover.

Pre-Surgery Education Classes

If you have a planned joint replacement surgery, please join us for a special education class. It's easy, and free.

To register, please call (207) 662-0822.

Preoperative Exercises

Learn about what exercises you should be doing before surgery in this easy-to-understand video.


How to Prepare for Your Surgery

View a video on how to prepare for your upcoming joint replacement surgery. You will be prompted to fill out a short form before the video plays.