Newsletters, Publications and Webinars


Newsletters, Publications and Webinars


Monthly Newsletter

Every month, the MaineHealth ACO publishes an e-newsletter with important policy updates, news and event announcements. The current issue can be found here, along with an archive of past issues.

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Hands-on Heroes

Adventures in Care Management

Did you know that the MaineHealth ACO has a team of more than two dozen nurse care managers, social workers and health coaches who work with over 75 practices across the state? Hands-on Heroes is our new comic strip that tells the real-life stories of MaineHealth ACO care managers and their patients. 



Hands-on Heroes 1  


Hands-on Heroes 2  


Hands-on Heroes 3

Hands on 1 FINAL reformatted

Hands on 2 FINAL hi rez


Hands on Heroes 3 Pic








Hello From Betsy

Hello From Betsy is a quarterly informal email from MaineHealth ACO President & CEO Betsy Johnson, MD updating stakeholders on pertinent information. 

Hello From Betsy: Ascending Through the Fog

Hello From Betsy: Running a New Course

Hello From Betsy: A Season of Change

Hello From Betsy: Forging New Connections

Hello From Betsy: July 2016

Webinar Slides & Recordings

ACO Insider Webinar Series 

Advanced Heart Failure: When and How to Refer

Introduction to the Longitudinal Plan of Care

Leveraging Annual Wellness Visits for Better Patient Care and Documentation

Peer to Peer Forum - Adolescent Well-Care Visit

Peer to Peer Forum - Improving Clinical Documentation in Ambulatory Care

Target Weight at the Center of Heart Failure