Newsletters, Publications and Past Webinars


Newsletters, Publications and Past Webinars


Monthly Newsletter

Every month, the MaineHealth ACO publishes an e-newsletter with important policy updates, news and event announcements. The current issue can be found here, along with an archive of past issues.

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Hands-on Heroes

Adventures in Care Management

Did you know that the MaineHealth ACO has a team of more than two dozen nurse care managers, social workers and health coaches who work with over 75 practices across the state? Hands-on Heroes is our new comic strip that tells the real-life stories of MaineHealth ACO care managers and their patients.

Hands-on Heroes 1

Hands-on Heroes 2

Hands-on Heroes 3

Hands on 1 FINAL reformatted Hands on 2 FINAL hi rez   Hands on Heroes 3 Pic

Hello From Betsy

Hello From Betsy is a quarterly informal email from MaineHealth ACO President & CEO Betsy Johnson, MD updating stakeholders on pertinent information. 

Hello From Betsy: January 2019 

Hello From Betsy: Ascending Through the Fog

Hello From Betsy: Running a New Course

Hello From Betsy: A Season of Change

Hello From Betsy: Forging New Connections

Hello From Betsy: July 2016

Webinar Slides & Recordings

ACO Insider Webinar Series 

Advanced Heart Failure: When and How to Refer

New ACO Best Practice Frameworks and How to Adopt Them in Your Practice

Introduction to the Longitudinal Plan of Care

Leveraging Annual Wellness Visits for Better Patient Care and Documentation

Peer to Peer Forum - Adolescent Well-Care Visit

Peer to Peer Forum - Improving Clinical Documentation in Ambulatory Care

Target Weight at the Center of Heart Failure


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