Visitor Guidelines

At Memorial Hospital, our visitor policies and guidelines are designed to assure the safety of our patients and staff as well as to provide a quiet, restful, healing environment for our patients.

Visitors To Adult Patients

Visits to a family member or friend in the hospital should be beneficial for both the patient and visitor. Ideally, staff, physicians, patients, and visitors should discuss whether or not the visit is therapeutic and /or desired; or if it places patients or visitors at risk for exposure to infectious diseases or unpleasant situations.

Visitors who have experienced a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, skin rash, vomiting or diarrhea in the last 48 hours before a visit should be discouraged from visiting until certain they will not expose the patient to more risk of disease.

Visitors who are disruptive or disturb patients, staff, or other visitors will be asked to stop the disruptive behavior or be escorted from the premises by Security or Law Enforcement.

Visitors may be asked to leave if the patient’s condition requires immediate attention.

Visitors should be respectful of Memorial Hospital’s “Smoke Free Campus” policy.

Individuals who are visiting from out of town will need to make provisions for their own lodging.

Visitors should be mindful of the needs of the other patient in semi-private rooms.

Visitors To Pediatric Patients

Parents of pediatric patients are strongly encouraged to remain with their child during hospitalization whenever possible. Siblings and peers are permitted to visit the pediatric patient based on the medical condition and at the discretion of the Resource Nurse.

Other visitor restrictions may be based on infection control recommendations and/or specific unit policies, such as in the Intensive Care or Obstetric Units.

Visitation By Children

Patient visitation by children is welcomed provided it is beneficial to the patient and/or children. Children under the age of 13 are to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times, and stay in the room of the patient they are visiting.

It is important that the parent or responsible adult consider the emotional health of the child since seeing a seriously ill loved one may be very traumatic.

Visiting children are to leave the hospital by 8pm.

Visitor Restrictions May Be In Place

  • At the request of the patient or legal guardian.
  • When the patient is sleeping.
  • When the patient is undergoing a medical procedure.
  • Due to restrictions initiated by Memorial Hospital for crisis or special situations.