Caregiver Support Groups

You are not alone!

Our Caregiver Support Group meets Tuesdays at the Mount Washington Valley Adult Day Center from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

Although the group focuses on caregivers of people experiencing memory loss, cognitive impairment and/or dementia, all caregivers are welcome to attend. This group is peer supported but also includes facilitators with expertise in geriatrics, memory loss and dementia. We encourage people who are caregivers for people with early cognitive impairment to attend.

Getting early help, suggestions and advice from other caregivers as well as our experienced professional allows you and your loved one to learn how to manage and control the diagnosis, and promote best quality of life for both of you and your families. This is not what anyways plans for this stage of your life but support groups and education can help.

For more information contact Sue Ruka at 603-356-4980.