Donor Honor Roll

BL14 MHf S McKinnon 2599

"On behalf of the trustees, physicians, nurses, staff and most importantly, the patients, at Memorial Hospital, we offer our gratitude and thanks to our generous donors for supporting our critical mission of community health."

- Scott McKinnon


Becky Adams

Neal W. Allen, III

Alpine Title Services, Inc.

Amoskeag Beverages

Roy and Maxine G. Andrews


Anthony’s Construction

April Cornell

Frederick C. and Ruth Apt

ATA Outdoor

Attitash Mountain Resort

John P. Aubin

Joan and Roger Aubrey

Richard and Christine Ayer

Angus Badger

Richard L. and Mary Badger

Badger Realty Corporation

Baker Newman Noyes

Balanced Healthcare Receivables

Ronald and Dani Balcar

Bank of New Hampshire

Ann M and Curtis Bartlett

Kelly Bishop-Bartolomei and Craig Bartolomei

William and Judith Bausha

William and Gerrie Beck

Believe in Books Literacy Foundation

Kathleen Bennett and Thomas Perkins

Edmund and Kathleen Bergeron

Lucinda Beth Bergeron

Gene and Sue Bergoffen

Joseph Berry

Big Dave’s Bagels & Deli

Matthew C. Bishop

Robert Bissonette

Black Cap Grille, LLC

Carol & Mark Blotner

Ruth Anne Boucher

Richard and Nancy Boulter

Horace W. and Mary Ann Briggs

E. Allen and Joanne Brooks

Barbara Browne and Gordon Wood

Bryan Company

Thaire and Deborah Bryant

Lynne Anderson and Chad Callahan

Jerry and Michelle Capozzoli

Lawrence Carbonaro

Tanya Carbonaro

Kenneth Cargill

William and Susan Caron

Robert Cawley

Chalmers Insurance Group

Christmas Farm Inn/CFI Operators LLC

Clean-O-Rama Co., Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern NE

Cogswell Benevolent Trust

John Colbath

Conway Area Lions Club

Cooper Cargill Chant, P.A.

Cormack Construction Management

Costantino Real Estate

Gerard L. and Joyce A. Cote

Country Cabinets, etc., LLC

Heather Couture

Cranmore Mountain Resort

Janice Crawford

Crest Auto World

Patricia Crist

Crowell’s Towing & Repair, Inc.

Leo and Sandra Daigle

Rachel Andrews Damon

Darby Field Country Inn & Restaurant

Philip and Joan Davies

Glenda Davis

Debit One Bookkeeping

Mary DeVeau

Susan and Aaron DiBella

David and Jeanne Doherty

DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant

Judith W. Drake


James W. and Jean S. Drummond

Sheila Duane

Frances D. Duffy

E. G. Chandler Property Management

Eastern Bank

Eastern Propane

Richard Eaton

William and Carol Edmunds

James and Jacalyn Egan

Elvio’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

Ensyn Corporation

Eversource Energy

Brian and Vikki Fairbank

Kimberly Farrington

Deborah A. and Peter Fauver

Federal Piping Company, Inc.

Charles Felton

George H. Fernald

Justino and Elizabeth Fernandes

First Allied

Arlene S. Fleming

Henry N. Forrest

Foundation for Healthy Communities

Judith W. Fowler

Kathy Foytho

Lisa Foytho

Frechette Tire Co.

James P. and Julie A. Frenette

Barry and Madeline Friedman

Carl E. and Judith Fuller

Raymond and Patricia Gagne

Constance Gagnon

Ethnee and Trevor Garner

Beatrice L. Geary

Laurie and Tim Geheran

Gemini Sign & Design

General Linen Service

Getz Charitable Trust, Citizens Bank, N.A. Trustee

Gibson-Woodbury Charitable Foundation

Corinna Gilkey

Dr. James & Mrs. Jette Glazer

Christine M. Glinski

Kimberly and Jonathan Goodwin

Joan C. and Edward J. Grabowsky

Robin C. Grady

Edwin and Nancy Grove, Jr.

Sylvie Mireille Guichard

Nels S. and Suzanne T. Gustafson

Frank T. Gutmann

David S. Hall

Donald H. and Wilhemine M. Hall

Brittany Hamilton

Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy

Rita and Kevin Harding

Samuel P. and Betsey Harding

Coral Harris

Verlene Harris

David and Carol Hastings

James and Linda Hastings

HEB Engineers, Inc.

Jeanette Heidmann and Stephen Farish

Helms & Company, Inc.

Charisse Hirschfeld

Hilde M. Hoffman

John R. and Patricia J. Hoffman

Virginia Hollis

Robert Holmes & Pamela Abbott

Earl and Barbara J. Hopkins

David L. Hovey

George Howard

Michael and Karen Howe

Lauren Hunter


John Idoine

Robert E. and Dolores R. Ignatowski

Infinger Insurance Agency Inc

J & J Floorcovering, Inc.

Edward Jariz

Laura Jawitz and Gordon Cormack

Johnson’s Auto Care, Inc.

Walter Joly

Dana and Meredith Jones

Daniel S. and Katrina B. Jones

Anna M. Junge

Deborah Karmozyn

Sidney and Susan Katz

Kay Jewelers

Paul and Patricia Keane

Susan S. Keane

Edward and Patricia Kelly

Mark Kelly

Elizabeth Kench

Judith M. and Daniel W. Kennedy

Joyce and Frederick W. Kennett

Kennett Investment Properties, Inc.

Curtis Kerbs

Kevin J. Joyce and Susan J. Joyce

Martin J. and Brenda M. Killourie

Kiwanis Club of MWV

Annemarie Kleiber

Peter and Elaine Klose

Peter Kujawski

Langford and Low, Inc.

Russell and Joan Lanoie

Joseph LaRue

Richard H. and Brenda Leavitt

Leone, McDonnell & Roberts, PA

Victor and Janna Levesque

Allan and Phyllis Lothrop

Chester B. and Lydia T. Lucy

William D. Luisi


Lynch’s Land Maintenance, Inc.

M & M Assurance Group, Inc.

Gary L. and Karen A. MacDonald

Peter S. and Muriel L. Magg


MaineHealth Learning Resource Center

Margaret and Richard Margolis

Anthony and Carol Marino

Irene Martell

Christopher Marvelli

McAdams Charitable Foundation/Mr./Mrs. Norman E. McCulloch, Jr.

Maxine McKenzie

Scott and Kimberly McKinnon

Diana McLaughlin

John and Wendy McVey

Memorial Hospital Emergency Department

Memorial Hospital Employees

Memorial Hospital Medical Staff

Memorial Hospital Volunteers

Meredith Village Savings Bank

Ann C. Merrifield

MHP Asset Management LLC

Carolyn V. Minton

Minuteman Health, Inc.

Minuteman Press

Diane M. Morin

Theresa A. Morin

Robert and Angela Morris

Mountain Center Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, Inc.

Arlene Mrozowski and George Evanish

Lyn and Mark Mscisz

Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Mt. Washington Valley Preservation Association

Thomas and Tess Mulkern

Munro Automotive Services/Midas

Robert and Jean Murphy

Navix Diagnostix, Inc.

Sam and Jane M. Nesbitt

Melody and Edward Nester

Nester’s Kitchen and Bath, LLC

New England Embroidery Company

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation/Annie Taber Fund

Donald E. and Betty Newton

North Country Nursing Education Consortium

Northeast Credit Union

Northeast Delta Dental

Northway Bank

Patricia Nute

Oak Point Associates

Anna and Stephen O’Connor

Thomas and Grace O’Connor

Michelle O’Donnell

Alvin and Ellen Ohlenbusch

David Olaksen

Oleonda Jameson Trust

Joseph and Maryanne Carpenter Orsino

Oxford House Inn

Gail Paine

John and Alice Pepper

Pequawket Foundation

Anne D. Peterson

Edmund A. Pettengill

Joan B. Phillips

Lee and Meg Phillips

Pine Tree Girls on the Run

Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network

Cynthia Ploski

Robert M. Pochini

Robert Porter

Porter Street Holdings LLC

Judy Holmes and James A. Progin

John T. Putnam


Raymond and Pamela Rabideau

Ray Realty, Keller Williams

Henry T. and Judith P. Raymond, III

Red Fox Bar & Grille

Red Jacket Mountain View Resort

Red Parka Pub

Redstone Auto Sales & Service, LLC

William and Judith Regan

Sue Reid

Ronald and Doris Remick

ReVision Energy

George Grant Rhoads/Jonathan E. Rhoads Trust

Christina Richardson

Paul and Alma Rigazio

David and Emilie Riss

Sheryl Rivers

Sharon Roan

Rockworth Investment Services, LLC

Carl Rosenthal

Rotary Club of North Conway

John and Christine Rowe

Anthony Ruddy and Lisa Baumgartner

Mary A. Ruka

Susan Ruka

Carm Ruotolo and family

Nancy Rupp

Ruthie’s Flower Shop

Blanche Sanborn

Kathy and Bruce Sanderson

Douglas and Beverly Sarapin

Theodore R. and Holly Sares

Glenn R. and Sonnhilde Saunders

Paul M. and Ruth E. Schurman

Frank and Nancy Seabury/Freedom Charitable Foundation

Settlers Green

Robert Sgarzi

Mary E. Shea

Tricia Shea

Mark and Gillian Shepherd

Lyn Slanetz

Melanie and Rob Sleime

Jeffrey and Susan Smith

Kirk and Anne Smith

SMRT Architects and Engineers

Snell Bros. Cleaning DBA ServiceMaster of Carroll & Coos Counties

Dorothy and Stanley Solomon

Joseph Sorbello, Jr.

Spectrum Healthcare Partners

Speedway Children’s Charities

Elaine Spratt

H. Allen and Lynn Stevens

Leo C. Stevens, Jr.

Story Land

Lorraine Stone and Robert Sullivan

Summit Packaging Systems, Inc.

Joanne and John Sutton

Sutton Luxury Limousine

Jim and Billie Talbott Charitable Foundation

Joy Tarbell

Douglas Taylor

The Coleman Companies

The Conway Daily Sun

The Country Picker Moving and Storage

The Wentworth Hotel

Peter and Mary Thomas

Robert W Tilney, III

Richard J. Timko

Tinker/Sieger Photography

Lori Tradewell and Robert Bowman

Ruby C. Transue

Andrew Trowbridge

Tuckerman’s Restaurant & Tavern

Pamela Tuttle and Bruce Munroe

Rizwan and Carmela Ul Haque

James S. and Karen C. Umberger

Valley Auto / Penske / Hertz

Valley Personal Training

Varsity Beverage Company

John E. and Zoe M. Veasey

Mary A. and Roland Vigeant

Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro

Audrey F. Vorperian

Daphne Wall

Douglas P. Walrath

Marie Walsh

June Waltz

Mark and Jane Waltz

Mark and Carol Waltz

Miles E. and Karin Waltz

Earle B. and Mary R. Wason

Bonnie and James Waters

Peter Waugh

Robert Welch

Wentworth Golf Club

Edward M. and Carol H. Westervelt

Mark and Jeanne Westervelt

Paul and Evelyn Whelton

White Mountain Anesthesia

White Mountain Dental

White Mountain Hotel & Resort

White Mountain Oil & Propane, Co.

White Mountain Puzzles, Inc.

White Mountain Ski Runners

White Mountain Survey & Engineering

Charlotte Whiting

Herbert H. Whittemore, III

John and Ann Wilcox

Wildcat Mountain

Robin D. Willits

William Wogisch

Edward O. and Willa J. Wolcott

Marilyn Woodhouse

Byron and Ann Woodman

Colin Wroblewski

Robert Young


William H. and Sydna T. Zeliff

Marina Zolotayko