Donor Honor Roll - Oct.1, 2017-Sept. 30, 2018

On behalf of the trustees, physicians, nurses, staff and most importantly, the patients, at Memorial Hospital, we offer our gratitude and thanks to our generous donors for supporting our critical mission of community health.

  • Becky Adams
    Joseph S. Addario
    Alpine Title Services, Inc.
    AmazonSmile Foundation
    Amoskeag Beverages
    Lynne Anderson and Chad Callahan
    Roy and Maxine Andrews
    Ann De Nicola Trust
    James C. Arnold, Jr.
    Attitash Mountain Service Co.
    John P. Aubin
    Joan and Roger Aubrey
    Richard Ayer
    Dr. Angus Badger and Rachel Vose
    Badger Realty Corporation
    David M. Bailey
    Baker Newman Noyes
    Balanced Healthcare Receivables
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Balcar
    Bank of New Hampshire
    William and Gerrie Beck
    Lisette M. Belhumeur
    Kathleen Bennett and Thomas Perkins
    Dianna Bennington
    Carol and Bill Bent
    Linda Berg
    Lucinda Beth Bergeron
    Gene and Sue Bergoffen
    Berkshire Taconic Community
    Bernadette Donohue Friberg
    Real Estate & Photography
    Matthew C. Bishop
    Nola P. Boomer
    Sandy L. Bragg
    William and Jean Briggs
    Allen and Joanne Brooks
    The Richard G. Brown Rev. Trust
    Barbara Browne and Gordon Wood
    Alan and Cyndi Broyer
    Bryan Company
    Thaire and Deborah Bryant
    Judy and Joe Burgess
    Douglas and Kathryn Burnell
    Amy E. Burns
    Bruce R. Cairns
    Debra Callis
    Michelle Capozzoli
    Lawrence Carbonaro
    William and Susan Caron
    Gerald and Elsie Dolores Carrier
    Carol and Concetto Carsanaro
    Chalmers Insurance Group
    Patricia A. Chatman
    Michelle J. Chick
    Children Unlimited
    Christmas Farm Inn/
    CFI Operators LLC
    Deborah Chute
    Stephen and Laura Clapp
    Clean-O-Rama Co., Inc.
    Coca-Cola Bottling Company
    of Northern NE
    John Colbath
    Mr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Coleman
    The Coleman Companies
    Kristina Collins
    Robert L. and Barbara A. Conley
    The Conway Daily Sun
    Cheyainne Cooper
    Cooper Cargill Chant P.A.
    Cormack Construction Management
    Country Cabinets, LLC
  • The Country Picker Moving
    and Storage
    Sam and Stephanie Cousins
    Carol Goodwin and Albert Couture
    Kristi Couture
    John W. Cox
    Penny and Allen Crabtree
    Crowell’s Towing & Repair, Inc.
    Rachel Andrews Damon
    Joan and Phil Davies
    Edward and Antonette Davis
    Glenda Davis
    Harley and Kamla Davis
    Zach Deabay
    Debit One Bookkeeping
    Delta Dental
    Del and Marilyn Desmarais
    Annette Desouza
    Mary and Peter DeVeau
    DG Roofing, Inc
    Atwood E. Dickson, Jr.
    Discover Guide White Mountains
    David and Jeanne Doherty
    Karen Dolan
    Margaret Donahue
    Freda Douglass
    Robert Dowell
    DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant
    David Drolet
    Sheila Duane
    Dr. Matt and Kristen Dunn
    Hollli and A.E. Duthie
    Edward and Mary Ann Dwyer
    E. G. Chandler Property Management
    Eastern Bank
    Eastern Propane & Oil
    Elvio’s Pizzeria & Restaurant
    Ensyn Corporation
    Brian and Vikki Fairbank
    Kimberly Farrington
    Peter and Deborah Fauver
    Federal Piping Company, Inc.
    Dr. Charles Felton
    George H. Fernald
    Dr. and Mrs. Justino Fernandes
    Justine Fierman
    William and Barbara Findeisen
    Sally Fiore
    First Allied/George Fredette
    William and Ellen Fisher
    Barbara E. Flaherty
    Emma Flaherty
    Henry N. Forrest
    Nancy France
    Frechette Tire Co.
    George Fredette
    Freedom Elementary Student Council
    A Friend
    FX Lyons, Inc.
    Gerald Gage
    Paul Gagne
    Connie and Bill Gagnon
    Loretta and Michael Galuszka
    Natalie Garibay
    Trevor and Ethnee Garner
    Maureen Garrette
    Dr. Laurie and Tim Geheran
    Gemini Sign & Design
    General Linen Service
    Corinna Gilkey
    Scott and Barbara Gleason
    Christine M. Glinski
    Dr. Kimberly and Jonathan Goodwin
  • Gordon T. Burke & Sons, Inc.
    Meg Gospodarek
    Edward and Joan Grabowsky
    Robin C. Grady
    Paula and Mark Graham
    Granite Investment Advisors, Inc.
    Green Granite Foundation Fund/
    Karen and Richard Greenlaw
    Leo Gregoire
    Edwin and Nancy Grove
    Sylvie Mireille Guichard
    Randy and Michelle Guida
    Grandparents of The Gulati Family
    Margaret Hadley and Joseph Bishop
    David S. Hall
    Danielle Hamalainen
    Brittany Hamilton
    Dr. Rachel Hamilton
    Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy
    Dr. Rizwan and Camela Haque
    Rita and Kevin Harding
    Lesley Hardy
    Coral Harris
    James Harris
    Verlene Harris
    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
    David and Carol Hastings
    Peter and Stefi Hastings
    HEB Engineers, Inc.
    Lisa Hebert
    Helms & Company, Inc.
    Charisse Hirschfeld
    John R. and Patricia J. Hoffman
    Virginia Hollis
    Robert Holmes and Pamela Abbott
    Earl and Barbara J. Hopkins
    David L. Hovey
    Lucy Warren Howland
    Lauren Hunter
    Hunting Dearborn Inc.
    Infinger Insurance Agency Inc.
    Intervale Lock & Safe
    Robert and Trish Irwin
    J & J Floorcovering, Inc.
    Martha and Cory Jackson
    Laura Jawitz and Gordon Cormack
    Leanna Jefferson
    Walter Joly
    Anna M. Junge and
    Karen Junge-Dennison
    Bill and JoAnne Kane
    Michael G. Kapinos
    Deborah Karmozyn
    Paul and Patty Keane
    Edward and Patricia Kelly
    Martin Kelly
    Kendal C. & Anna Ham
    Charitable Foundation
    Dan and Judy Kennedy
    Bayard and Theresa Kennett
    Fred and Joyce Kennett
    Kennett Investment Properties, Inc.
    Kevin J. Joyce and Susan J. Joyce
    Gerald Kiesman Sr.
    Martin and Brenda Killourie
    Nelle P. Killourie
    Peter and Elaine Klose
    Russell Knox
    Ted M. and Carol P. Kramer
    Robert and Viktorija Kuncze
    L.A. Drew, Inc.
    Jeanene L. Lacasce
  • Langford and Low, Inc.
    Joseph LaRue
    Susan M. Laufer
    Paige Lautenschlager
    Richard and Brenda Leavitt
    Bill LeBlanc
    Jeff and Martha Leich
    Larry Leonard
    Peter and Claudia Leonard
    Julie Levine
    Allan and Phyllis Lothrop
    James and Amanda Love
    Michelle Lowell
    Michael Luciano & Michael Clifford
    William D. Luisi
    Fran and Marilyn Lyons
    M & M Assurance Group, Inc.
    Gary and Karen MacDonald
    Jane A. MacDonald
    Dr. Marni Madnick & Bob Schor
    Carmen and Dolores Maglia
    Roxanne and Christopher Major
    Roland Mallett
    Donna and Tony Mancini
    Dan Markey
    Sut and Margaret Marshall
    Dr. Christopher Marvelli
    Andrea Masters & Elaine Stockbridge
    David and Helene Matesky
    McAdams Charitable Foundation
    Chanda and Daniel McKee
    Scott and Kimberly McKinnon
    John and Wendy McVey
    Medline Industries, Inc.
    Memorial Hospital Employees
    Memorial Hospital Medical Staff
    Memorial Hospital Volunteers
    MHP Asset Management LLC
    Milford Flooring, Inc.
    Carolyn Minton
    Minuteman Press
    Dorothy Moore
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Morris
    Mountain Center Physical Therapy
    & Sports Rehab
    Dr. Arlene Mrozowski and
    George Evanish
    Mt. Washington Auto Road/
    Great Glen Trails
    The Clarence E. Mulford Trust
    Mark Munro
    Munro Automotive Services/Midas
    Jean and Robert Murphy
    Navix Diagnostix, Inc.
    Kathleen C. Nelson
    Sam and Jane Nesbitt
    Edward and Melody Nester
    Nester’s Kitchen and Bath, LLC
    New England Embroidery Co.
    New Hampshire Charitable
    Brett and Christine Newton
    Donald and Betty Newton
    Scott Nichols-Rano
    North Country Fair Jewelers
    Northeast Auto Body
    Northeast Credit Union
    Northway Bank
    George and Terry O’Brien
    Kevin O’Brien
    Jennette O’Connell
    Anna and Stephen O’Connor

    Grace N. O’Connor
    Michelle O’Donnell
    Alvin and Ellen Ohlenbusch
    Oleonda Jameson Trust
    Marianne and Joe Orsino
    James A. and Donna Osgood
    Gail Paine
    Sandra S. Pappalardo
    John and Alice Pepper
    Pete’s Restaurant Equipment
    Heather and Ted Phillips
    Lee and Meg Phillips
    Virginia and John Phillips
    Fred and Anne M. Pillion
    Pinkham Real Estate
    Craig Piper
    Peter J. Plasse
    Robert M. Pochini
    David and Suzanne Pope
    James and Jean Porath
    Paula Prater
    Christopher Pratt
    Robert F. Preti
    Judy Holmes and James Progin
    John T. Putnam
    Dr. Ray and Pamela Rabideau
    Corinne and Mark Ray,
    Keller Williams
    Red Jacket Mountain View Resort
    Red Parka Pub
    Redstone Auto Sales & Service, LLC
    Sue T. Reid
    George Grant Rhoads/
    The Jonathan E. Rhoads Trust
    Christina Richardson
    Paul and Alma Rigazio
    Robert Frost Charter School
    Cynthia and Randy Roberts
    Rockworth Investment Services, LLC
    North Conway Ambulance
    Miranda Ross
    Rotary Club of North Conway
    John and Christine Rowe
    Heather Roy
    Dr. Leonard Rudin
    Brian and Kelley Ruel
    Mary A. Ruka
    Susan Ruka
    Nancy Rupp
    Theresa M. Ruppert
    Brett and Cindy Russell
    Ruthie’s Flower Shop
    Blanche Sanborn
    Jolie Sandora
    Theodore and Holly Sares
    Julie and Gary Sargent
    Robert E. and Suzanne D. Scolamiero
    Nancy Seabury and
    Freedom Charitable Foundation
    David and Judith Seddon
    Settlers Green/OVP Management, Inc.
    Robert Sgarzi
    Shannon Door Pub
    Mary E. Shea
    Mark and Gillian Shepherd
    Diane Shore
    Siegel Webworks
    Skinny Towel & Washcloth Co.
    Melanie and Robert Sleime
    Andrew Smith
    Jeffrey and Susan Smith
    Kirk and Anne Smith
    Mark Smith and Martha Mawhorr
    SMRT Architects and Engineers
    Susan Solar
    Dorothy and Stanley Solomon
    Joseph Sorbello, Jr.
    Spectrum Healthcare Partners
    Russ Staples
    David G. Steuart
    Story Land
    John and Joanne Sutton
    Sutton Luxury Limousine
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Swenson
    Joy Tarbell and Eddie Minyard
    Dr. Charles and Mildred Taylor
    Donald and Brenda Thibodeau
    Peter and Mary Thomas
    Richard J. Timko
    Jackson Toby
    Alison and Dave Tomlinson
    Lori Tradewell and Robert Bowman
    Tuckerman’s Restaurant & Tavern
    Dianna Tullar
    Charles and Sharon Tuttle
    James and Karen Umberger
    John and Debra Urgese
    Valley Auto/Penske/Hertz
    Valley Personal Training
    Varsity Beverage Company
    Gloria Vasconcellos
    John and Zoe Veasey
    Roland and Mary Vigeant
    Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro
    Angelica Von Becker
    Audrey and Bruce Vorperian and
    Robin Tallino
    Linda Waldron
    Douglas P. Walrath
    Marie Walsh
    June Waltz
    Mark and Jane Waltz
    Mark and Carol Waltz
    Miles E and Karen Waltz
    Richard A. & Beverly G. Ware Bequest
    William and Beverley Warren
    Peter Waugh
    The Wentworth Hotel
    Ed and Carol Westervelt
    Mark and Jeanne Westervelt
    George and Laurie Weston -
    Weston’s Farm
    Paul and Evelyn Whelton
    White Mountain Aquatic Foundation
    White Mountain Hotel & Resort
    White Mountain Oil & Propane, Co.
    White Mountain Puzzles, Inc.
    White Mountain Ski Runners
    White Mountain Survey & Engineering
    Charlotte Whiting & Jane Marie Kenny
    Herbert H. Whittemore, III
    John and Ann Wilcox
    Lisa Wilkins
    Sarah Williams
    William Wogisch
    Vickie Woitko
    Edward O. and Willa J. Wolcott
    Marilyn Woodhouse
    Byron and Ann Woodman
    Donna Woodward
    Thomas D. Wright
    Colleen Young
    Robert Young
    Charles and Arlene Zaccaria
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Zeliff, Jr.
    Marina Zolotayko