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Join us in our mission of community wellness and healthcare. Become a donor to Memorial Hospital. It’s easy.

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Support an area of the hospital that is close to your heart. A restricted gift to our Oncology Patient Navigator Program, our Miranda Leavitt Diabetes Center, The Merriman House nursing home, our birthing center, our Let's Go childhood wellness initiative, A New Life prenatal substance program or any other area you wish, will directly support the program(s) you choose.  Restricting your donation to the Memorial Hospital Community Fund allows hospital personnel to use funds for critical hospital needs as they arise.

Making a gift in honor of, or in memory of, a special family member, caregiver, friend or neighbor is a wonderful way to pay tribute to them. When these gifts are made, we notify the person or, in the case of memorial gifts, the family of the person you commemorate and share the news of your gift and generosity.

There are a number of creative ways you can give to Memorial Hospital, whether you name us in your will or create a more complex trust arrangement.

Stop in at the Development Office at Memorial to discuss giving to Memorial Hospital. Rachel Andrews Damon, our Development Manager, will help you manage and facilitate your giving intentions and wishes. Contact her at Memorial by phone at (603) 356-5461 x 2269 or by cell phone (207) 441-2887 or by email at You can also make a donation online.

Thank you!

Gratitude & Giving

Gratitude & Giving – why give to Memorial Hospital. Hear it from our donors in this video message.