Primary Care at Memorial Hospital Expands Pre-Registration to Four Additional Providers Starting Jan. 18

January 17, 2017

Nicole Stanley, FNP; Bill Martin, MD; Lorinda MacDonald, MSN, PMHNP-BC and Lynn Meehan, LICSW are the latest group of providers at Primary Care at Memorial Hospital to become part of the practice’s pre-registration initiative, beginning Jan. 18, 2017. In order to improve patient experience, Primary Care at Memorial Hospital now uses a new process for central registration that aims to make the outpatient check in process faster and easier, avoid delays, facilitate co-pay collection and decrease billing errors due to out of date insurance information. The process has been rolled out in stages over the last several months and Nicole, Bill, Lorinda and Lynn are latest offering this convenient service for patients.

All patients at Primary Care at Memorial Hospital will receive an outbound registration phone call 5 days in advance of their appointment. Patients will be asked to confirm their demographic information (name and contact information) and insurance information. At that point they can confirm whatever co-pay will apply to their visit and the patient will be instructed to bring their payment in person. This call will also be a means of reminding the patient of their appointment.

When the patient arrives for their appointment, they can proceed directly to check in at the practice which will be greatly expedited by having previously registered by phone.

While it is Memorial’s plan to talk to all patients personally by outbound call, those who can’t be reached will be left a voice mail message and be asked to call back to register for their appointment. It is critical that patients return the call in order for this process to work. Those who do not call back and do not preregister will not be able to check in; rather they will be referred to the Registration Department (by phone or in person) to have their information verified before they can proceed to check in.

There are benefits to this new process for patient and the hospital organization alike:

  • It will eliminate a bottleneck at the practice check in desk as their information will have been confirmed in advance.
  • It will allow for more accurate billing as patient insurance information will be confirmed for every appointment. Given the new insurance landscape and Medicaid expansion, there is much higher variability in coverage so it’s more important than ever to confirm insurance each time.
  • It will allow Memorial to accurately provide patients with co-pay requirements and to collect more consistently.
  • It will help increase patient through-put and decrease delays at appointments as patients are able to make it through the check-in process more quickly.

Practice Director Shauna Cameron also shared some other pointers for making your visit as smooth as possible, “Please bring with you all of your medications, your insurance card and copay, and the name and address of physicians you have previously seen. Be sure to complete any forms provided or mailed to you and present them upon arrival for your scheduled appointment. It is important that you arrive on time in order to complete the check-in process.”

Other tips for a visit to Primary Care

  • Please be aware that if you are late for your arrival time, you will need to reschedule.
  • Arrival times are given to you by the person you talk to when you pre-register for your appointment.
  • If you haven’t already done so, ask to sign up for Memorial’s Outpatient Medical Records Portal MyChart. It’s where you can message your provider, view upcoming appointments and access certain parts of your medical record online. Read more about it and download the sign up form before your next appointment here:

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