SMHC Announces New $21M Skilled Nursing Center of Excellence in Sanford

September 21, 2017


Premier facility to provide more private rooms than any other similar center in Maine

Southern Maine Health Care (SMHC) announced today plans for a new 90-bed, $21 million rehabilitation and skilled nursing care center adjacent to its Sanford campus.   The center, which will be built by Sandy River Company and operated by Genesis HealthCare, is expected to open in the summer of 2019. It will offer mostly private rooms and special services with a personal touch, making it Maine’s premier skilled nursing center.

"SMHC’s eldercare services have a long-standing reputation for high quality, compassionate care.  However, the facilities are outdated and need to be replaced. At the time of our merger, we set a goal to bring a state-of-the-art senior care facility to Sanford," said SMHC President and CEO Edward J. McGeachey. "We have been continuously working on the best way to make that happen for more than three years."

"We are thrilled to now unveil plans for a beautiful, new center of excellence that will provide the latest in rehabilitation as well as short-term and long-term skilled nursing care in Sanford," added McGeachey. "This project brings together one of Maine’s leading senior care developers, Sandy River, with one of the nation’s leading operators of skilled nursing care services, Genesis HealthCare.  And it places the center just steps away from SMHC’s primary care and specialty physicians, emergency department, day surgery and diagnostic and therapy services."

Additionally, the new center, because of its size and services, will increase employment opportunities in Sanford.

"All SMHC eldercare staff will have the opportunity for a position in the new center and still there will be more positions to fill.  It is very gratifying to know that we are contributing to economic growth in the region while ensuring that York County communities will have a skilled nursing center of the highest caliber so close to home," McGeachey noted.

SMHC currently provides short-term rehabilitation and long-term nursing care at The Newton Center, which was built in 1967. Residents of The Newton Center will move into the new center when it opens and will be offered first preference of a room in the new building. The new center will not include memory care or residential care, so SMHC will be supporting patients and residents of The Pavilion and Hillcrest Gardens in their transition to other facilities over the next year and a half. All patients and residents of The Pavilion and Hillcrest Gardens will continue to be cared for at those facilities until they have transitioned to a new home.

SMHC also provides services to Mayflower Place, an independent living facility in Sanford owned by the Sanford Housing Authority. The new project will not affect residents of Mayflower Place.

"Many people, particularly as we age, need rehabilitation services and skilled nursing care," McGeachey stated. "This new center increases the availability of these services in the Sanford area and gives people what they want today-  the best of care provided by national experts in a wonderfully-designed facility that offers privacy and special amenities. This new center is the latest addition to the full spectrum of healthcare services that SMHC provides in Sanford.  It will enhance many lives in coming years."

"We are especially pleased to be carrying forward SMHC’s longstanding commitment to senior care services in Sanford," said Daniel Maguire, Managing Partner of Sandy River Company.  "We began creating senior care facilities throughout Maine 33 years ago with the same simple vision as today.  It is a people business and our job is to create a safe and homelike environment that nurtures the exchange between caregivers and residents and families.  It is hard work and it is heart work." Maguire noted.

The project will require state and city approvals. SMHC will keep the community updated as to the progress of approvals and construction, which is expected to take 18 months.  The new facility can be completed without removal of the existing eldercare buildings. After all patients and residents have moved into to their new homes, The Newton Center, The Pavilion and Hillcrest Gardens will be removed and landscaping completed across the site.

Photo caption: Southern Maine Health Care unveiled plans for a new $21M, 90-bed Center of Excellence in Sanford, to be built adjacent to the SMHC Sanford campus. Designed by Sandy River Company and operated by Genesis HealthCare, the center will provide state-of-the-art short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care in an elegant, home-like setting with more private rooms than any other like-facility in Maine.