Franklin Maternal and Child Health Unit Restricts Visitors

January 22, 2018

Farmington, Maine-


For the safety of the babies on the Franklin Memorial Hospital Maternal and Child Health Unit (MCH), no children under the age of 12 are allowed on the unit this flu season, unless they are healthy siblings of an infant in the unit. All other visitors must also be feeling well and should wash their hands before and after entering the unit.


“We need to protect our vulnerable patients,” said Rebecca Wood, VP of patient care services and chief nursing officer. “Because newborns cannot be vaccinated for flu, they should not have any unnecessary exposure to people with respiratory or other contagious illnesses.”


Influenza activity in Maine is widespread with laboratory confirmed influenza reported in all 16 counties. Maine’s Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL) has confirmed Influenza A/H1N1, influenza A/H3, and influenza B/Yamagata in Maine indicating most strains are circulating.


For additional information, contact the MCH unit at 779-2295.