Franklin Health Pediatrics Earns Immunization Recognition

February 21, 2018

Farmington, Maine-


The MaineHealth Child Health program recently announced that Franklin Health Pediatrics has been recognized for achieving a “Gold” rating for childhood immunizations for FY17 according to the standards outlined in the MaineHealth Childhood Immunizations Program’s Clinical Improvement Plan.


In acknowledgment of this success, Franklin Health Pediatrics has received a plaque in recognition of its achievement.


Improving childhood immunization rates is one of ten health priorities for the MaineHealth system of which Franklin Memorial Hospital (FMH) is a member. Medical practices that earn this distinction demonstrate their commitment to keeping Maine’s children healthy by immunizing them on time according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended immunization schedule. 


Practice ratings are based on the average number of CDC benchmarks met per month for each of the 2- and 13-year old vaccines. Specifically, the metrics include: 1) the percentage of children up-to-date on 10 vaccines by age 2 years; 2) the percentage of adolescents up-to-date on meningococcal and Tdap/Td vaccines by age 13 years; and 3) the percentage of adolescents by gender up-to-date on HPV vaccine by 13 years. 


“Less than optimal vaccination rates impact the health of children through disease outbreaks, missed school, hospitalizations, and in some cases, death,” said Dr. Gabriel Civiello, lead physician at Franklin Health Pediatrics. “Our clinicians make immunizations a personal and professional priority to ensure that parents have access to scientifically accurate information about vaccines so they can make well informed immunization decisions for themselves and their children.”


Franklin Health Pediatrics is located in the Franklin Health Medical Arts Center on the FMH campus. Its providers include: Nicole Donahue, CPNP; Erika Schumacher, MD; Gabriel Civiello, MD, FAAP; Ryan Whitt, MD; Tanya Lever, MSN, CPNP-PC; and Christine Christie, LCSW.


For vaccination information, news, and helpful resources visit Vax Maine Kids, a website that was launched by the MaineHealth Childhood Immunizations Program with the support of the Maine Immunization Coalition.