CCTV Allows Children at BBCH To Join the Fun From Their Beds!

March 09, 2018

Patients at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital who are feeling shy or must stay in their rooms to avoid infection no longer need to miss out on group activities, thanks to a brand new closed captioned TV system installed in the unit.

BBCH tested out its new CCTV system on March 7 with a game of Hospital Bingo, and it was a huge success. Hospital Bingo uses pictures of hospital items instead of numbers so kids can learn about the hospital environment while they play. Child life specialist Bethany Kay plays host in the atrium. Children can participate in person or watch their TV to play along. Patients playing in their rooms call a special phone number to announce “Bingo!” to Kay in the atrium. Kay talks back to the child via the television, and the prize can be delivered right to the patient’s door.

Nine-year-old J.D. Anderson won one of the games from his bed. His mother, Maryann, says being able to play in the room as a family really brightened J.D.’s spirits after five days in the hospital. “It is one of the first times he’s smiled since he’s been here,” she said.

The child life team plans to use CCTV in many ways. Bedtime stories will be broadcast each night, children will be able to watch presentations by special guests live and child life specialists will do arts and crafts that children can follow along in their rooms.

Click here to learn more about the Child Life program at BBCH.