MMC In the Community: EMS Week

May 24, 2018

Chris Paré not only manages EMS and REMIS for MMC, he also does EMS work in his community

ems week 2018
Chris Paré’s job is to make sure that there’s a smooth handoff between the ambulance bringing patients into Maine Medical Center and the care teams that take over. But his work doesn’t stop when he walks out the door at the end of the day. Paré also works at Kennebunk Fire-Rescue and Wells Emergency Medical Services.

“I like to give back to my community,” Paré said. “This is a way that I can use a skillset that I have to help.”

Paré came by EMS work naturally. His parents were both involved in Fire and EMS when he was growing up. So it wasn’t a surprise when he earned his first transporting EMS license at the age of 16. Almost 30 years later, he’s still answering the call.

“It’s been very important for me to keep boots on the ground when it comes to EMS,” Paré said. “I want to know whether our expectations of what EMS can provide at Maine Medical Center’s emergency department are realistic.”

Paré will notice if there’s a logistical challenge to EMTs filling out paperwork, for instance, and he can try to find a way for the hospital to make it easier for them. Knowing what it’s like to be in the field is especially important when the hospital wants to make changes in procedure, he said.

“You lose the authority to effect change if you don’t live it,” Paré said.

Both MMC’s care team and the EMS providers bringing patients to the hospital have the same goal: Saving lives. Paré hopes that by working for both the hospital and for EMS, he can help create the best possible environment for patients who arrive by ambulance at MMC.