Genthner Receives 2018 Van Winkle Excellence in Healthcare Award

November 18, 2018

LincolnHealth President and CEO Jim Donovan and Senior Facilities Manager for Senior Living Neil Genthner

LincolnHealth Facilities Manager for Senior Living Neil Genthner received the 2018 Webster and Elise Van Winkle Excellence in Healthcare Award for his tireless commitment to patient and employee safety and for his dedication to providing a comfortable home for senior living residents.

Webster Van Winkle believed LincolnHealth’s greatest assets are its employees, and created this annual award to recognize employees who made significant contributions to the organization and their department above and beyond the call of duty. 

“Neil has an uncompromising desire to provide the safest, most secure, and most pleasant physical environment for the residents and employees of Cove’s Edge, Chase Point, and Schooner Cove,” commented LincolnHealth Director of Operations Patrick Parson. “He goes above and beyond with everything he does.”

During the week of August 13, the Office of the State Fire Marshal surveyed Cove’s Edge for an annual Life Safety inspection.  Even though he was on vacation, Neil volunteered to meet with the Fire Marshal and represent Cove’s Edge, a skilled rehabilitation and long-term care facility, during the inspection. The Fire Marshal found no deficiencies in the building, the first deficiency-free Fire Marshal inspection for any senior living facility in Maine for the past two years.

“It was no surprise that Cove’s Edge performed so well during this inspection,” Parson explained. “Neil has gained a wealth of knowledge regarding fire safety over many years in facilities management and in emergency services. He is always ready for surveyors and is meticulous about correcting safety deficiencies of any size.”

Neil is also committed to making senior living facilities feel more like home and comfortable for residents. Over the past four years, he has steadily refurbished and improved the appearance of resident rooms and common areas in Cove’s Edge and Chase Point.

“Cove’s Edge and Chase Point look great and are warm and inviting because of Neil and his team’s efforts,” commented LincolnHealth Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Cindy Wade, RN. “The projects were managed carefully to minimize the time residents were displaced from their rooms. Neil is an exceptional leader.”

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