High Participation at Lincoln Medical Partners Flu Clinics

November 29, 2018

Lincoln Medical Partners Staff1,130 community members are vaccinated against the flu thanks to 20 flu clinics hosted by Lincoln Medical Partners (LMP). An additional 3,650 patients were vaccinated during regular office visits. 

“Our goal this year was to meet people where they were at a time that worked for them,” commented LMP Pediatrician Andy Russ, MD, “and flu clinics were a quick and easy way to get a flu shot without making an appointment,” he said. 

The community flu clinics were held at LMP offices in Damariscotta, Boothbay Harbor, Waldoboro, and Wiscasset, which many people are familiar with. LMP expanded the hours and offered day-long and evening clinics to make them more convenient. Because the clinics were held at LMP offices, staff were equipped to provide care that is not traditionally part of flu clinics such as catching people up on past due vaccines or applying fluoride to children’s teeth. 

Lincoln Medical Partners also hosted flu clinics for students, teachers, and staff at Boothbay Region School, Great Salt Bay School, Nobleboro Central School, Jefferson Village School, Bristol Community School, South Bristol School, and Edgecomb Eddy School. 

“Influenza is a deadly disease and there have already been confirmed cases here in Lincoln County,” said Russ. “Last year was the most deadly flu year in decades. More than 80,000 people in America died from influenza, many but not all of whom had other health issues. If the vaccine does not prevent you from getting the flu, the vaccine can help reduce the severity of your symptoms.”

Some of the people who need the most protection, such as children under 6 months of age and elderly people with health issues may not be able to get a flu vaccine. “You can help protect your family, friends, and neighbors by getting vaccinated,” Russ added.

It is not too late to get a flu vaccine. To schedule an appointment, please call your primary care provider’s office: LMP Primary Care Damariscotta - 207-563-4250, LMP Family Care Center Boothbay Harbor - 207-633-7820, LMP Family Medicine Waldoboro - 207-832-6394, or LMP Family Medicine Wiscasset - 207-882-7911.