ACO Required Clinical Documentation Training Now Available

January 10, 2019

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new MaineHealth ACO on-demand training called Three Simple Ways to Improve Clinical Documentation. Completion of the 30-minute training earns CME credit and fulfills the MaineHealth ACO requirement that all participating providers attend a clinical documentation improvement training before the end of 2019.

To access the on-demand training:

  • Go to MaineHealth CME page here:
  • Sign in or create an account
  • Click the “Online Courses” tab
  • Scroll or search for “Three Simple Ways to Improve Clinical Documentation”
  • Click “Details” button
  • Click “Tests” button
  • Click “Media” button
  • Watch training video and complete post-test and evaluation

The training is introduced by Dr. Betsy Johnson, the ACO’s CEO and president, and presented by Dr. Mike Clark and Dr. Tom Pulling, practicing physicians who also work with the ACO as physician liaisons. It includes a brief overview of the ACO, a discussion of why clinical documentation is important and three key steps that physicians can take to improve their diagnostic coding and documentation.

Improving clinical documentation is a priority for the ACO in 2019 for two reasons. First, more precise and accurate documentation can unlock disease and acuity specific care services and benefits for patients, particularly for the growing number enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. Second, when clinical documentation is specific and precise, it reflects the true acuity of patients and contributes to reasonable cost and quality goals. This is increasingly important now that the ACO’s value-based agreements are evolving to include the potential for financial penalties if cost and quality goals are not achieved. 

“This thoughtful, quick intro to clinical documentation reveals some important and relatively low-impact methods that providers can use to increase the precision and accuracy of their diagnoses in the medical record,” says Dr. Betsy Johnson.  “It’s a great resource for other members of the care team as well. I encourage anyone who would like a straightforward and brief introduction to improved documentation techniques to take advantage of this training.”

To arrange for a live in-person version of the training or a webinar session, please contact Jennifer Tardif at (207) 482-7066 or via email.