Generations Born to Memorial Hospital

April 15, 2019

Art R. MathisenContact: Kathy Bennett
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North Conway, N.H. - Memorial Hospital’s Family Birthing Center has been delivering babies for generations but a recent birth had special meaning. A baby girl was born to the family of a woman who had been honored in the birthing center in a distinctive way for her many years of service as a nurse.

Camilla Hope Hodgkins was born recently at Memorial Hospital to Jason and Ashley Hodgkins of Conway and was photographed after delivery with the Nancy Hodgkins plaque which hangs in the hospital’s Family Birthing Center. Nancy Hodgkins was a long-term birthing center registered nurse who worked at Memorial Hospital for 28 years.

Celine Tinkham, current registered nurse at Memorial says, “Nancy hired me in labor and delivery over 40 years ago. She inspired an amazing work ethic and professionalism with her young nurses. I will be forever grateful to her for all that she shared with her staff and her community.”

Memorial Hospital’s Family Birthing Center supports and encourages women in the natural process of childbirth. Mothers and their babies are cared for by hospital staff which includes physicians specializing in obstetrics, pediatrics and family practice, along with nurses certified in midwifery, obstetrics, childbirth education and lactation.