LincolnHealth Volunteers are Golden

April 07, 2019

LincolnHealth volunteers greet and visit with patients, play bingo and games with residents at the senior living facilities, perform music, run the cash register in the Miles café, provide spiritual care, and assist with administrative tasks throughout the organization. Most importantly, these volunteers bring smiles to the faces of patients, residents, family members, and staff every day. 

This week during National Volunteer Week, April 7 – 13, 2019, patients, residents, and staff will honor the more than 240 LincolnHealth volunteers at numerous gatherings.

“No matter what department our volunteers are in, they are truly making a difference for our community,” commented LincolnHealth Volunteer Coordinator Steve Hurd. 

For fourteen of the volunteers, their efforts rely on a trusty sidekick: their dog. LincolnHealth’s pet therapy volunteers and their certified therapy dogs visit with patients and residents at the hospital, Cove’s Edge, Chase Point Assisted Living, and St. Andrews Village. 

“A pet therapy visit is a bright spot in a patient’s day,” commented Karen Haney, who has volunteered at the hospital with her golden retriever Maddie since 2013. “Whether the patient is at the hospital for a day or longer than a week, they enjoy touching Maddie. The petting is known to relax people, reduce blood pressure, and brings back positive memories of dogs the patient may have at home or have bonded with in the past.”  

Family members who are visiting their loved one also appreciate the therapy dog’s comfort. “Maddie has been around at times near end of life,” said Haney. “She has provided great comfort to both patients and their family members during these times.” The therapy dogs also provide emotional support to the nurses, certified nursing assistants and staff members. 

“LincolnHealth is fortunate to have so many dedicated volunteers who take the time to improve the patient and resident experience,” commented Connie Bright, Director of Volunteer Services. “Their time is appreciated every day, but we look forward to formally recognizing their contributions during National Volunteer Week.” 

For more information about our volunteers or volunteering at LincolnHealth, please contact Volunteer Services at 563-4508 or 633-1848 or email or 

Please note: The LincolnHealth Volunteer Services office is moving to the D.B. White Building (the former orthopedic office) on Monday, April 29. The D. B. White Building is located to the right of the hospital.