Memorial Hospital Honors Volunteers at Annual Awards Luncheon

May 20, 2019

Barbara Butler Shining StarNORTH CONWAY, NH  - Memorial Hospital honored its volunteers on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at its annual Volunteer Awards Luncheon at the White Mountain Hotel and Resort in North Conway, NH. 32 volunteers received recognition for over 5600 hours of service in 2018. The Shining Star Volunteer of the Year Award was also presented. 

The awards were presented by Memorial Hospital Trustee Chair Mary DeVeau and fellow Board Members Laura Jawitz, Barbara Hopkins, and Michelle O’Donnell.

The “Shining Star” Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Barbara Butler at the event. Butler serves as a Greeter and in the hospital Gift Shop. Volunteer Coordinator Peter Waugh shared “The Shining Star Award recognizes a volunteer who has gone above and beyond to serve our patients, families, and the hospital staff. Each week Barbara brings a smile to patients, their families and friends, and staff when she greets them at the Main Entrance, or in the Gift Shop depending on what she is scheduled to do that particular day.” She corrals and cleans the wheelchairs and makes sure each patient has one (or an umbrella) at the ready when needed. She also readily fills in in the Gift Shop when needed, sometimes on a moment’s notice!” Waugh adds. 

2018 Volunteer Hours Awards – These Memorial Hospital Volunteers were awarded Hour Service Pins for the 2018 calendar year. Pins are awarded for every 100 hours of service.

100 Hours: Joy Check, Caryn Farrell, Dawna Houk

200 Hours: Joyce Boucher

300 Hours: Dwight Nall, Rita Harding

400 Hours: Lorelei Estes, Martha Mawhorr

500 Hours: Ann Marie Murphy, Nancy Brothers, Barbara Butler

600 Hours: Curtis Hayes, Patricia Mason, Arden Schoen, Ken Williams

800 Hours: Ed Lawton

1100 Hours:   Dody Coman

1200 Hours: Judy Botsford, Richard Van Dyne

1300 Hours: Joanne Brooks, Kim Henry 

1400 Hours: Shirley Van Dyne

1500 Hours: Merle Weber

1600 Hours: Jeannie Poliquin

2100 Hours: Maryann Hartigan

2200 Hours: Beverly Taylor

2400 Hours: Mary Thomas

2800 Hours: Susan Proctor

3500 Hours: Carol Westervelt

4700 Hours: Janet Anthony, Clara Broglio, Fay McLeod

Those wishing to learn more about volunteering at Memorial are encouraged to contact Peter Waugh at 603-356-5461 ext. 2291 or Volunteer opportunities are available for all regardless of areas of interest or experience, for any amount of time great or small.