Certified Nurse Midwife Nicole Veilleux Joins Women’s Health at Memorial Hospital

September 24, 2019

NORTH CONWAY, NH -- Tamworth native Nicole Veilleux traveled abroad, studying a wide array of western and complementary therapies, but has now returned to her hometown in Mt. Washington Valley to provide midwifery services at Memorial Hospital. Having just completed her studies at Yale School of Nursing and a clinical rotation at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Veilleux brings extensive clinical training along with a love of caring for women of all ages.

Nicole explained that her path to becoming a midwife was not a straight line. “I had a circuitous journey, like many do. I didn’t know that I wanted to be a midwife growing up. I went to a liberal arts college in New England and got a well-rounded background. I developed a passion for well-being and nutrition, and studied horticulture. From there, I studied with complementary practitioners: an herbalist in California, a trauma therapist in New Zealand and an Ayurvedic practitioner in New Mexico. It impacts the lens through which I provide my care. Women deserve all their options and to make informed choices. Being able to present a wider view is really important.”

Another impact on her philosophy of care came from her own health experiences. “I came to all this complementary health practice through my own journey to well-being. I struggled with diet and digestive issues. I couldn’t find any answers in western medicine. I found my own healing path which took me in the direction of nutrition and complementary medicine.”

Her Valley connections have played a big role in her path to becoming a midwife. She was heavily influenced by Kerrie Trumble-Curtin and her long career as a midwife at Memorial Hospital. Veilleux traveled to New Zealand with Kerrie’s family, where she studied under a trauma therapist.

Other Valley influences include last summer’s primary care rotation with Deb Cross at White Mountain Community Health Center and shadowing midwife Kathleen Mulkern at Memorial Hospital. These experiences reinforced her desire to practice medicine in North Conway.

She shared, “After I did my final clinical rotation, a condensed four month residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock, I finished up in May.” Nicole graduated from the Yale School of Nursing’s direct entry program, attaining her Registered Nurse credentialing in an intensive 11 months, then a master’s program for two years with didactic and clinical studies at the same time.

Other relevant experience included her work as a doula which is a trained non-medical person who provides support and comfort to mothers before, during and after childbirth. “I couldn’t get enough of it. At that point I knew I wanted to become a childbirth provider and support women throughout their life cycles, puberty to menopause and beyond.”

Veilleux joins the practice alongside midwife Lauren Hunter, someone whom Nicole respects immensely. “I can’t say enough positive things about Lauren Hunter! She has a high energy level. She’s been training and supporting me. She is a gift to the Valley.”

Nicole is now welcoming new patients, not just for childbirth but also for annual well woman visits, gynecological issues and menopause counseling. She is committed to her hometown community hospital. “I love this Valley, I love this community. It’s so clear the hospital is committed to this program and for women to have their babies at Memorial. Women in Mt. Washington Valley deserve midwifery care. I am super happy to be home and to be finally doing this work. I feel very honored!”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 603-356-9355.