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  • Dora-Mills-News

    Top Public Health Official to Join MaineHealth

    Dr. Dora Anne Mills, who oversaw the state of Maine’s public health initiatives for 15 years, will lead efforts to create healthier communities for 1.1 million people across Maine and New Hampshire.

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  • lyme

    Lyme Testing Update

    Lyme is one of the endemic disease that plagues New England. One of the manifestations of lyme disease is neuroborreliosis. To help with diagnosis of this affection NorDx is offering the following orderable send-out tests starting June 12th 2018

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  • Biotin Interference

    The consumption of biotin (vitamin B7, component of multivitamins and of hair and nail products, medication for Multiple Sclerosis) has increased and as result interfering patterns have been observed:

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  • MarketplaceOpenEnrollment

    Choosing Health Insurance Plans on the Marketplace Can Be Confusing. Free Help is Available.

    The open enrollment period for selecting health insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace is under way, and MaineHealth wants people to know that many affordable plans – including some with $0 premium options – are available.

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  • Quantiferon Gold

    NorDx is pleased to announce the offering of Quantiferon Gold (QTB) test for tuberculosis through Mayo Medical Laboratories, available November 1, 2017.

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  • MaineHealth Logo

    MaineHealth Unification Dialogue

    You may have seen news accounts or heard from people connected with your local hospital that the member organizations of MaineHealth are talking about something called “unification.” What does that mean?

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  • Flow Machine NorDx Laboratories


    10-Color Flow is now available at NorDx

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