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Where I Provide Care

Primary Office

66 Bramhall ST
Portland, ME  04102
phone: 207-662-3101
fax: 207-662-6783
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Emily Elizabeth Hancock, LCSW


I went into social work with a particular interest in social justice and equity, intending to pursue a career in public policy or community organizing. This interest in social justice however led to a passion for those most vulnerable members of our community including those experiencing homelessness and subsequently major mental illness, generational poverty, and substance abuse. I had no intention of becoming a clinician however discovered that my calm & deeply sensitive nature lends itself well to individual, family, and group counseling. I currently work for the Portland Identification & Early Referral Program (PIER) a coordinated care team that provides early intervention treatment for individuals and families experiencing their first episode of psychosis. In the past I have enjoyed doing CBT and phase-oriented trauma work with teenagers, individuals experiencing homelessness, and new Mainers (e.g. refugee/immigrants). My experience working with individuals with chronic major mental illness and/or complex trauma has shown me the importance of early intervention and how it benefits individuals, their support systems, the community, and our society at large.

When not at work, I enjoy singing folk tunes, swimming in the ocean, biking, and hanging out with my dog (and family).


Education & Credentials

Education & Credentials

Board Certifications
  • Social Worker-Clinical, Pursuing



  • Maine Behavioral Healthcare since 2017